BI Software: What Organizations Want and What They Plan to Buy

BI Software What Organizations Want
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BI Software: What Organizations Want and What They Plan to Buy

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Intended for:

This report is for those early in the business intelligence tools research process trying to determine which features they should be looking for in a product.

Will Help With:

This report will help you zero in on the most relevant features to your business in a BI tool and which ones offer the most sought after components.

The Report Covers:

  • – Most sought after BI features by actual buyers
  • – What BI tools are used for
  • – Expert recommendations on key BI features
  • – The top BI tools buyers plan to use

Researcher Notes:

The goal of this report is to begin to differentiate what features are essential and which aren’t by providing a market survey, an extensive list of use examples and expert recommendations on which should be prioritized for a business of any industry.

It drills into specific features, why they are desired and what makes them important. Readers will learn which 10 popular tools score the best for these essential capabilities.

SelectHub synthesizes what businesses are looking for, what its expert analysts have identified and which products best achieve those features. It brings together internal and external research to provide readers with the best possible information from both sides.


The key differentiator between this report and other online information is the shortlist of vendors provided in the context of features. While some sources will provide a list of popular vendors and others will provide a list of key features to look for it is difficult to find a presentation of both in the same place like in this report.

Keerthi MohanBI Software: What Organizations Want and What They Plan to Buy