Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

Top 5 Data Visualization Tools
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Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

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Intended for:

This report is intended for those researching the importance of data visualization tools, and what features to look for when considering a BI solution with data visualization functionality.

Will Help With:

This report will help you understand the benefits that data visualization software can provide to your company and critically review some of the top tools currently on the market.

The Report Covers:

  • – What to look for in a data visualization tool in 2020
  • – Reasons why data visualization is important
  • – Essential features of data visualization software
  • – A list of the top five data visualization tools

Researcher Notes:

This report explains how data visualization helps users gain a competitive edge by transforming data into easily understandable graphics that assist in making data-driven decisions. Readers will learn some of the most important features of data visualization tools and their effects on the business decision-making process.

A short synopsis on five of the top data visualization tools, including their benefits and limitations, helps buyers consider some of the leading solutions and determine if a data visualization tool is right for them.


This report serves as a starting point for software buyers looking for a data visualization solution and points them in the right direction with a shortlist of features and recommended products for consideration. As it doesn’t provide an in-depth look and comparison of the tools, readers should consider supplementing the information in this report with other research, including the data available on SelectHub’s comparison scorecard and software selection platform.

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