Tableau BI Tool Competitors

Top 10 Tableau Competitors
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Tableau BI Tool Competitors

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Intended for:

This report is intended for BI software buyers who are looking to explore alternatives to Tableau.

Will Help With:

This report will help you learn about some of the other top BI solutions besides Tableau so you can determine which product best suits your needs.

The Report Covers:

  • – The top 10 competitors to Tableau, ranked
  • – A brief overview of all 10 BI solutions
  • – Platform-to-platform comparison of eight key features

Researcher Notes:

BI software buyers that are interested in seeing how other BI solutions measure up to Tableau can benefit from this report. It ranks the top 10 Tableau competitors according to the research analysts’ ratings, and rates them based on various functionalities, including data visualization, analytics, online analytical processing, document management, integrations and more.

By reading this report, buyers can get a better sense of which products are worth additional review, identify which requirements matter most to them and expand their BI software search from there.


For companies that may be searching for a more robust, feature-packed solution than Tableau, this report can help to point them towards alternatives. However, as it provides only a brief overview on each tool and compares a handful of features, readers should do more research to determine which solution best addresses all their needs. For more in-depth comparison, customers should establish a list of their requirements and evaluate software accordingly. They can do this on their own or with tools like SelectHub’s free Express Reports, which allow users to create a personalized comparison scorecard based on their criteria.

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