Reporting 101 – How to Successfully Build a Dashboard

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Reporting 101 – How to Successfully Build a Dashboard

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Intended for:

This report is intended for software users looking to build dashboards that successfully communicate understandable, actionable insights.

Will Help With:

This report will help you learn how to convey data efficiently in meaningful, easy-to-understand ways with data visualization best practices.

The Report Covers:

  • – What are data storytelling and data visualization?
  • – Data storytelling vs data exploration
  • – 10 steps to creating an efficient dashboard
  • – How to choose the right graph for your data
  • – How to tell an emotionally compelling story with data
  • – Five rules for financial reporting

Researcher Notes:

The purpose of a BI tool is to reveal insights that otherwise would remain hidden, driving better business decisions. Data visualization is essential to business intelligence – by presenting information in a visual format, users can share these critical insights with others through data storytelling. This report delves into tips and examples of how users can build the most efficient dashboards that rethink and disseminate information in ways that improve transparency and make decision-making easier.


This report is useful for users seeking to maximize the value of their investment in a BI solution, especially in its data visualization capabilities. It defines data visualization and data storytelling, as well as a list of best practices for creating dashboards. This report will educate and inform users who are less familiar with dashboards, giving them a solid foundation upon which to build a solid data visualization skill set.

Hsing TsengReporting 101 – How to Successfully Build a Dashboard