Leveling the Playing Field with Cloud BI & Analytics

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Leveling the Playing Field with Cloud BI & Analytics

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Intended for:

This guide is intended for software buyers at startup companies researching how cloud BI and analytics can help their businesses harness data for growth opportunities.

Will Help With:

This guide will help you learn to leverage cloud BI solutions to analyze your data and scale your business to compete with large enterprises in a way that is affordable and scalable.

The Report Covers:

  • – How cloud BI helps users overcome common analytics hurdles
  • – The components of BI in the cloud
  • – Factors to consider when selecting a cloud BI solution for your startup
  • – How cloud analytics fits into overall organizational strategy

Researcher Notes:

For startups, it can seem daunting to try and make optimal use of a cloud BI solution when most data success stories come from large enterprises who have access to abundant resources and technically savvy IT employees. Fortunately, cloud analytics platforms help users from all sizes of business achieve their data goals and level the playing field to compete with giants. This report gives software users at small to mid-sized businesses the knowledge to do just that, by learning about cloud BI solutions and how they can use cloud analytics to drive better decision-making and scale their companies.


This guide helps empower startup companies to utilize the same capabilities of cloud BI tools that large enterprises do. It serves as a good launch point for small business owners researching cloud BI solutions to determine whether a cloud BI platform is right for their needs and how to best harness them to grow their business. This report provides answers as to how even startup users can make the leap to becoming truly data-driven organizations.

Hsing TsengLeveling the Playing Field with Cloud BI & Analytics