Business Intelligence Tools Top 10 Guide

Business Intelligence Tools Top 10 Guide
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Business Intelligence Tools Top 10 Guide

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Intended for:

This guide is meant for people who are beginning to look for a business intelligence tool, and want to understand what the top-of-the-market offerings look like.

Will Help With:

This guide informs readers about the best available vendors on the business intelligence market. It outlines what the majority of BI software shoppers are looking for, and describes the top 10 vendors in terms of features and offerings.

The Report Covers:

  • – The different types of BI tools
  • – A market survey of more than 600 businesses outlining what they look for in a BI tool, conducted by SelectHub
  • – An extensive list of BI tool uses
  • – The top 10 BI tools available, as analyzed by SelectHub experts

Researcher Notes:

Readers come away from this guide with a deeper understanding of what to look for in a BI tool, what other companies look for in a BI solution, and what expectations to have. The guide explains what BI can be used for and how others have used it.

While outlining all the benefits and uses of selecting a tool, it also describes the best ones available. It sets a ceiling on what BI implementation can accomplish and keeps expectations realistic.


This guide helps focus the reader’s search for a business intelligence software by helping them determine which features are most essential and outlining which top vendors offer them and which ones don’t. Companies can circumvent some sales-pitching and avoid marketing jargon by getting straight down to what each vendor offers, and if it’s what they need.

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