Marketing Operations Technologist Manager

As a Marketing Operations Manager at SelectHub you get to work with a company that Inc Magazine ranked #17 in their most recent list of fastest-growing software companies in the United States. SelectHub is a Technology Selection Management (TSM) software platform designed to help organizations make easier, smarter, and faster technology selection decisions.

SelectHub is looking for a marketing technologist, a combination of digital marketing, demand generation and partner campaign management with hands-on technical skills in using Salesforce, marketing automation platforms, scripting, and report writing/data processing in Excel.

As part of this role, the candidate will identify and recruit viable lead generation/demand generation affiliates and publisher partners, set them up with relevant content syndication campaigns, optimize and manage the campaigns and scale these partnerships over time. The ideal person will be a player/coach who will be able to audit the current partner ecosystem, evolve the practices with more scalable processes and eventually build a team of B2B software media buyers and campaign managers under him/her. This role reports to our VP of Partnerships, and also works closely with our other marketing team members.

There are 4 key traits to be successful in this role:

  1. Subject matter expertise in demand generation, media buying and marketing campaign management: Needs to have at least 1-2 years industry background in lead generation, MQL (marketing qualified leads) campaign management, content syndication, and partner management (i.e., identifying relevant partners, crafting the right campaigns for them based on their target audiences, as well as ongoing campaign management wherein bad leads are tracked and rejected on a per-campaign basis, etc.).
  2. Should have a solid understanding of enterprise software areas such as CRM, ERP, BI, etc.: Doesn’t have to be an expert in enterprise software but should have a good foundation-level understanding of what some of these categories are, and ideally should have used such software in prior roles.
  3. Passionate about data analysis, agile problem solver and be technically adept: This person needs to be highly process driven, should have a knack for financial numbers and should be an expert in Excel (especially pivot tables) with some coding/scripting familiarity. If he/she has a prior programmer/web-developer background such that he/she is able to build standard operating procedures and automate some of the day-to-day campaign management tasks (e.g., auto-loading data from Excel to a reporting tool and being able to set up alerts when bad leads come into our system, etc.), that would be a huge plus! He/she needs to be able to work with partners to forecast and manage various campaigns according to monthly budgets, know when to expand a campaign (i.e., fund it more) or pull back (i.e., pause it or terminate the campaign or the partner altogether), and apply problem solving skills to improve campaign performance incrementally. Should be a strong, proactive communicator such as to hold partners accountable to their forecasts and set the right expectations across SelectHub. Should be able to manage multiple (50-100) campaigns across multiple partners at any time.
  4. Creative: Last but not least, ideally this candidate should have a creative side (or know when to work with other team members) to be able to analyze target audiences’ profiles across our partner network and devise compelling ad copy for campaigns and landing pages (with the right graphics and relevant verbiage) that promote the right SelectHub technology selection tools and whitepapers to the right target audiences to bring in the right quality and quantity of leads on a daily basis.

Minimum education required is a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, engineering or finance-related areas.

SelectHub is located in downtown Denver, and we offer competitive pay, benefits, parking subsidy and paid time off, plus we’re growing…fast!  Marketing Operations Manager Salary DOE.

Interested candidates with the aforementioned experience email your resume to [email protected].

Alex JaumannMarketing Operations Technologist Manager