Benefits and Insights

Why use Vitria’s Business Process Management Server?

Key differentiators & advantages of Vitria’s Business Process Management Server

  • Vitria’s Unified Modeling 
    Environment supports automated processes as well as human-oriented workflows through a business-friendly, easy-to-use interface. With Vitria Operational Intelligence, business analysts get a modeling workspace tailored specifically to their needs and skill sets. Likewise, IT users get IT views and capabilities that support necessary IT functions, presented within the same unified environment.

  • Using the BPMN standard, Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment provides a responsive, enhanced collaborative user experience. Business and IT analysts can share process components and metadata while working together on the same models. Role-based advanced collaboration capabilities include instant messaging, threaded discussions, and the ability to annotate models.

  • Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment enhances productivity, enabling business analysts to collaborate with IT, working from a shareable model and knowledge repository. The shareable repository stores models, schemas, and other metadata. Vitria’s Unified Modeling Environment provides a graphical, user-friendly way to model event sources, web services, business processes, and data schema.