Benefits and Insights

Why use OmniFlow iBPM Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of OmniFlow iBPM Suite

  • Integration 
    State of the art integration capabilities with any third party Enterprise Content Management engine including OmniDocs ECM suite to seamlessly manage all enterprise content. It can also be introduced to any enterprise application or middleware through ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus)

  • Collaboration 
    Collaborative platform for designing/modeling efficient business processes and creating smarter rules that define operational workflows. It leverages various social platforms and a unique ‘Chat’ functionality to bring together the domain experts, business leaders and process stakeholders.

  • Analytics 
    Advanced analytics engine that lends businesses a distinct competitive edge by driving operational innovation and unique strategic initiatives. It allows businesses to monitor real-time process performance and track dynamic market movements to make smarter, well-informed decisions.

  • Agility 
    Agile solution architecture allows businesses to quickly adapt to market conditions by triggering real-time response mechanism to meet dynamic customer demands. It fosters an environment of continual process improvement and adaptability.