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Benefits and Insights

Why use AWD?

Key differentiators & advantages of AWD

  • Gain Efficiency Automating manual processes and non-value added activity allows employees to focus on the work you hired them for which both reduces operating costs and increases job satisfaction. 
  • Increase Productivity By providing all the information needed for an employee to execute work and by matching the right work with the right skill, you ensure efficient use of their time. - Ensure Compliance Automating manual tasks combined with built-in quality and an audit trail function enables your organization to accurately satisfy regulatory requirements and corporate guidelines. 
  • Reduce Costs Eliminating manual and paper-based operations out of processes enables management to improve productivity and performance. 
  • Optimize Resources AWD is built for the business, which means IT is not burdened with daily process changes. IT facilitates the environment and provides governance, logic and stability while the business configures the solution to meet their needs. 
  • Reduce Time to Market Value can be delivered quickly with our easy to use design studio. Once IT has set up the integration points, the business is free to execute the improved processes meaning that modifications and enhancements are delivered in a shorter timeframe. 
  • Control Risk Automated quality functions and audit trails provide a framework of control around information, work and people. The intuitive design approach and ease of process change within AWD means you can react quickly to changes or new regulations ensuring that you remain compliant. 
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction By executing customer requests quickly and accurately, loyalty and customer lifetime value grow. 
  • Reduce Training Time Having a system that enforces a structured process means that the learning curve for new employees is kept to a minimum which helps to keep productivity levels high. 
  • Increase Visibility Providing a view into the status and quality of work allowing management to react quickly ensuring you reach your key performance indicators (KPIs) and meet service level agreements (SLAs).