Benefits and Insights

Why use Adeptia BPM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Adeptia BPM

  • Web-based product that just needs a web browser to use. No need to install software on your computers. Managers, Business Analysts and Process Participants all access the solution through their browsers.

  • Process Modeling to allow process analysts to easily and quickly document business processes in a collaborative way. Process models are exported into PDF format for distribution, approvals and archiving.

  • Process Simulation to calculate costs and timing parameters of current and to-be processes. See affects of changes to the process and resources.

  • Automate Workflows to ensure your business processes are being executed in a consistent way all the time.

  • Notify Process Participants automatically when tasks are assigned or due and allow them to manage and work those tasks.

  • Rich and Dynamic Forms to show pertinent information in workflow tasks.

  • Integration with Web Services and other protocols to access information when needed.

  • Very rich and capable application integration capability that is not even matched by dedicated integration middleware products.

  • Monitor and track running processes for better visibility and control.