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Why use Zoomdata?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zoomdata

  • Self-Service BI: Rather than waiting for a data analyst to perform key analysis tasks, users of all technical levels can explore data, analyze trends and create visualizations to depict those trends from the intuitive interface. 
  • Big Data Enabled: It is able to process large, unstructured data sets from sources such as Hadoop and NoSQL into easily interpretable formats. 
  • Highly Adaptable: It’s built to be scaled to any level of business so that users can take advantage of enriched data. It can adapt to any business size or any business need. 
  • Minimize Cost: Embedded analytics software can be upgraded and built-out over time, meaning users can avoid costly and expensive major updates. It updates component by component, making sure users always have access to their data. 
  • Maximize Competitive Advantage: Powerful data reports and intuitive dashboards can help users stay on the cutting-edge of their business. Using embedded analytics enables users to identify pain points, wins and discrepancies in data. 

Industry Expertise

While it serves all industries, it specializes in organizations interested in embedding analytics into an existing software solution. It serves businesses in sectors such as retail, technology, software, government, financial services and more.

Key Features

  • Data Connectors: Users have access to a suite of pre-designed connectors that draw data directly from their selected data source. 
  • Drag-and-Drop Attributes: The simple drag-and-drop interface lets users drag, pinch, zoom, swipe and drop to create dashboards. 
  • Data Exploration: The system allows users to create interactive visualizations, customize dashboards and perform self-service analysis to discover data insights. 
  • Data DVR: By unifying historical data analysis with real-time data into a single interface, the dashboards operate like a video, allowing users to pause, rewind, fast forward and replay data streams. 
  • Microservices: Taking advantage of small, coupled programs that work in tandem with one another, Zoomdata is able to scale with a user’s business needs. Microservices are written to be able to be deployed and restart on-the-fly in the event of an outage. 

Zoomdata Suite Support

Support options from the company are limited to a simple ticketing system and an expansive library of resources.
mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support at this time, but are encouraged to visit Zoomdata’s vast library of online resources, whitepapers and tutorials.
phonePhone: Phone support options are not available from the company at this time. Users are encouraged to take advantage of the resource library.
schoolTraining: Training options from the company are robust. They offer a variety of self-service training modules for users to take advantage of, as well as an extensive research and documentation library. In addition, a masterclass is also offered. This series of training modules walks users through the platform.
local_offerTickets: Users can contact Zoomdata with a request by visiting the “contact us” page on the company’s website.

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