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Why use Zoho Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of Zoho Analytics

  • Visualize Data in Intuitive Graphics: Users can create insightful, useful dashboards quickly to gain valuable information. The platform offers an expansive library of visualization types that is expanded frequently. Employees can also blend multiple reports into a single dashboard to gain insight into larger trends in the data.
  • Discover Business Operations Insights: Businesses can get in-depth, actionable overviews of their operations, ranging from sales, finance and marketing to resource management and geographic activity through geovisualizations, which facilitate comparison across and between regions.
  • Perform In-Depth Analysis: Managers can perform deep analytical queries that increase their business intelligence through powerful features like pre-built formulas and functions that identify business metrics and smart forecasting to project future outcomes.
  • Share and Collaborate on Reports: The solution gives managers fine-grained access over the content clients and colleagues can see and edit. Users with access can publish reports, embed them into websites or share them via email for collaboration. Peers can create comment threads on reports, as well as add images and annotations.
  • Embed Into Other Systems: Users can embed the software’s analytics capabilities into other solutions like CRM platforms, ERP tools or others. The solution offers seamless integration and a fully re-branded user portal for a continuous user experience across platforms.
  • Extend the Software as Your Business Grows: The extensible, scalable architecture of the platform allows users to build and integrate analytics into applications of any size. It can scale up to enterprises using huge volumes of data by utilizing scalable columnar database technology.
  • Draw Data From Many Sources: Users develop a 360-degree view of their organization by blending different types and sources, including outside sources, of data into a single cohesive database. This allows businesses to better answer questions regarding customer behavior, business operations, financial status and more.

Industry Expertise

Zoho Analytics is useful for all industries, but specializes in providing support to organizations focused on tracking customer interactions and sales.

Key Features

  • Ask Zia: Zia is a smart analytical assistant built out of a blend of AI and machine learning algorithms. Employees can type out questions in natural query language (NQL) and the assistant will offer answers and suggestions via reports or automatically build and source KPI widgets.
  • Geo Visualization: Sales reps can quickly and easily compare regional performance with interactive map charts. Comparisons can be performed across countries, states, counties etc.
  • Data Alerts: Managers can set alert conditions that trigger automated alerts when there is a significant change or anomaly in the data.
  • Report Scheduling: Reports can be scheduled to be published or emailed automatically. Users can also schedule recurring reports to generate on a set schedule.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes generating useful reports quick and easy, without the need for code. It lets users view underlying data, set contextual filters, perform data exploration and drill down into the data to gain insights.
  • White Labeling: The solution is white-labeled to facilitate embedding into websites or applications. Users can also use this technology to embed individual reports or dashboards.
  • Data Connectors: The solution connects to a broad range of data connectors. These include files and feeds, cloud storage, multiple databases, CRM systems, Google Analytics, marketing platforms, social media, financial platforms, e-commerce platforms, HR and more.
  • Auto-Joined Data: Its auto-joining tables enables it to automatically merge tables linked by a Lookup column (schema attribute). This assists and partially automates cohesive database creation.
  • Mobile Support: Apps on iOS and Android allow managers to view reports and dashboards from their mobile devices and oversee operations from anywhere.

Zoho Analytics Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can get in touch with support by phone at the following numbers:
  • US: + 1 888 900 9646
  • UK: + 44 (20) 35647890
  • Australia: + 61 2 80662898
  • India: + 91 44 67447000
schoolTraining: There are a variety of training resources available to subscribers including live webinars, recorded webinars, ebooks, user guides, video demos, a gallery of sample reports, user forums, blog articles and much more.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users can either enter their information and problem into the web form on the “contact us” page or through their user account.

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