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Why use Windward Reporting and Document Automation?

Key differentiators & advantages of Windward Reporting and Document Automation

  • Attractive Reports: Windward lets users work with Microsoft Office-based templates to create compelling and informative reports. This capability lets users be as creative as they’d like while producing important charts and graphs. 
  • Saves Time and Money: Generate reports for last-minute meetings in minutes — no coding needed. Some clients report over a 60 percent reduction in report preparation time, saving many hours and resources. 
  • Less Expensive: Windward offers adjustable pricing, making them an appropriate solution for any business model. 
  • High Satisfaction Rate and Reliability: Windward Studios boasts a 98 percent satisfaction rating across its customer base and a 95 percent customer retention rate. 

Industry Expertise

Windward Studios supports clients in over 70 countries in all industries. These companies can be found in the financial services, insurance, energy, healthcare, human resources and technology industries.

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Key Features

  • Conditional Logic Tool: With the Windward’s smart document logic, users can configure reports to suit the needs of various stakeholders across your business. This makes it easy to decide which data to include and what to leave out based on predefined variables. 
  • PODS: With this feature, users can select a section of content within their template and save it as a POD. The content can be a single character up to multiple pages and includes any charts, tables, bitmaps, etc. within the selection.  
  • Tags: Tags from imported templates are processed just as if it was inserted normally. Additionally, all tags with an explicit start and end location contain a great deal of flexibility when it comes to placement. For instance, a tag might start within a table and could end on a separate page.
  • Simple Data Integration: Windward’s integration capabilities streamline the report generation process by allowing users to automatically import data from multiple data sources. Users can make data connections quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop feature. 
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: This solution eliminates many of the barriers to traditional report creation. Users do not have to be developers, nor do they need extensive training. Windward embeds with Microsoft Office, so if you already use that system, your users are ready to go. 
  • Error Validation: The solution offers a series of tools to help users avoid error while generating reports, including verification alerts. Users can also manage version control via Microsoft Office’s built-in document editing tools, such as comments, element locking and password protection. 
  • Template Customization: Generate previous reports with updated information using reusable templates and sub-templates. Make them unique by connecting with third-party add-ons for features like esignatures, QR codes and maps. 

Windward Studios Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available to all licensees through their First Level Support Services. It includes basic information and instruction concerning the software. Those taking advantage of Second Level Support Services may also use email support for debugging and troubleshooting.
phonePhone: Support via telephone is only available to Second Level Support Services. It may be used for advice, assistance, debugging and troubleshooting. It is only available in English and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT, weekdays, not including U.S. holidays.
schoolTraining: Windward Studios offers several free online resources to help businesses train their users. These include six Quick Start Guides which walk users through the template creation process. There are also training webinars for basic and intermediate training. Lastly, businesses have the option to purchase on-site training services.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit support requests online via the Windward Studios website. A support engineer will respond as soon as possible.

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A note from Windward Studios, Inc.

Is Windward for you? That depends.

The five main capabilities Windward provides are: The ability to create Visually Stunning Designs, Smart Document Logic (you place conditional logic within the template inline with the content), Massive Time Savings (designing templates commonly in 1/10 the time you presently need), an Incredibly Intuitive Interface (hey, it’s Word, Excel, & PowerPoint), and Streamlined Cost Savings. And all of this can be done by the business users.

What we’re not. We are not a good solution for BI, dashboards, or ad-hoc queries.

If one or more of our five main capabilities are important to you, and you need reporting or document generation functionality, we are likely a good solution for you. If three or more of our five main capabilities are important to you, we are likely a great solution for you.

- David Thielen, CEO

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