Benefits and Insights

Why use USEReady?

Key differentiators & advantages of USEReady

  • Succeed With Data: With USEReady’s expert consulting services and their supplemental solutions, users learn how to leverage their existing data to get better results.
  • Enhance BI: Their suite of products helps improve the functionality of the user’s existing everyday BI applications, adding extra value and seamlessly integrating with many solutions.
  • Modernization: USEReady helps organizations become more agile and effective by helping them achieve successful digital transformation.
  • Optimize User Adoption: Their offerings empower users with technical know-how to make onboarding a smoother process and increasing productivity across an organization.
  • Improve Users’ Skills: Both through consulting services and their Skill Belt module, USEReady helps end-users gain the right skills and learn best practices through a training solution that lessens the burden on administration.
  • Build Collective Intelligence: USEReady allows users to foster collaboration by creating a space for them to connect and share knowledge.
  • Industry Applications: The USEReady consulting team has a broad spectrum of knowledge that they can apply with BI expertise to their customers’ unique business needs.
  • Free Consultation and Demos: Users can request a free 1:1 demo of any of their products or a free consultation with a USEReady expert by submitting a contact form on their website.

Industry Expertise

USEReady works with customers across all industries, including sales, marketing, human resources, management and the public sector. According to their website, they have delivered proven success, particularly with clients in financial services, insurance, retail and media.

Key Features

AI Chatbot

  • Chat with AI: Users can retrieve data by chatting with an artificial intelligence bot that understands and responds to queries in natural language — no technical syntax knowledge necessary.
  • BI Integration: It integrates with a user’s existing BI solution to help them work with the data they have already.
  • Data At Your Fingertips: Users can instantly access their data through the chatbot mobile app.
  • Slack Incorporation: Users can quickly retrieve insights by chatting with a bot within the same app that they use to communicate with coworkers.

Pixel Perfect

  • Filters: Users can slice and dice their data by selecting appropriate filters from their dashboards.
  • Printable Reports: Users can generate “pixel-perfect” reports, ready to be printed for analytical needs such as audit and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Formatting: Users can customize how their reports look with features such as pagination and repeatable headers. Users can also create and share reports in popular formats like PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML and JSON.
  • Tableau Integration: Pixel Perfect delivers precise reports within Tableau that present data from the BI solution in just the way users need it.

Community Portal

  • Internal Data Community: All users at an enterprise can exchange knowledge, tips and tricks with each other within a private or public analytics group.
  • Online Application: USEReady hosts the application in the cloud, and designated partners serve as administrators of their portals.
  • Partner Support: The USEReady Community Portal offers a wide variety of support options and training resources for partner products such as Tableau, including discussion groups, ebooks, webinars and more.

Skill Belt

  • Educational Framework: USEReady delivers a scalable, structured educational framework that enables users to develop the skills necessary to use BI software for their job.
  • Gamification: USEReady makes learning into a game for users with a training solution that engages and rewards them for learning.
  • User Adoption: Organizations can monitor and improve the user adoption process and support onboarding users with measurable training milestones.

USEReady Suite Support

Users requesting customer support can log in to the Customer Support Portal on the USEReady website. More information is available in the online portal.
mail_outlineEmail: USEReady does not list an email address dedicated to customer support on their website, but there may be one listed within the customer support portal.
phonePhone: USEReady does not list a customer support phone number on their website, but there may be one listed within the customer support portal.
schoolTraining: USEReady mainly provides training options for customers of their major BI solution partners, which include Tableau, Alteryx and Exasol, through their Community Portal. They offer online groups, guides, ebooks, online and on-demand webinars and more.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets by signing in to the self-service customer support portal. Users can also track their ticket’s status from within the portal.
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