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Why use Toucan Toco?

Key differentiators & advantages of Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco Platform

  • Centralize Your Data: Whether in the cloud, in an on-premise database, a spreadsheet or all of the above, Toucan connects to and collects all of an organization’s data into one platform, creating a single source of truth and helping teams get on the same page.
  • Speed Up Queries: With custom indexes and web-page fast performance, the application has cache engines that minimize queries and optimize data processing.
  • Automated Reporting: With automatically updated data and scheduled reports, the platform takes the heavy duty work of development, design and maintenance out of data analytics. 
  • Ease of Use: Intended for users without technical knowledge, the platform caters to users who may not have the programming skills to handle a more complicated BI tool. With an intuitive UI, it encourages beginners and data experts alike to explore and understand their insights without requiring training, tutorials or coding experience.
  • Accelerate User Adoption: The solution educates and guides users in learning how to create compelling data stories. It encourages users to become autonomous, skilled analysts, with self-learning tools like a glossary and contextual tips that help users comprehend their data.
  • Improve Data Literacy: By displaying information visually, the solution makes information accessible to business users and decision-makers, enabling transparency across departments and empowering users to take BI into their own hands.
  • Made for Collaboration: The platform provides workspaces for teams to interact with each other and share power in decision making. Dashboards can be annotated, discussed, exported and shared with others, improving communication between departments and helping teams align with each other. 
  • Never Say “So What?”: Toucan helps users develop data-driven strategies with built-in calls to action and adaptable recommendations to support decision-making. 
  • Fast Implementation: Because the solution is a web application accessible on any device, there’s nothing to install, leaving more time and resources for analysis and data storytelling.
  • Security: The solution is hosted in a private cloud with SSL Grade A+ security certification and an infrastructure compliant with all RSSI expectations and RGPD standards. It offers no-code row-level security, custom user filters and granular permissions management for apps, dashboards, stories and datasets. 

Toucan Toco Embedded Analytics

  • Build Once, Deploy Anywhere: Whether on the standard platform or as an embedded analytics product, Toucan can be deployed anywhere to anyone — users design one app for all devices and deploy in minutes.
  • Preserve Your Brand: With full customization and white labeling options, users can maintain their branding while offering the power of the Toucan Toco platform to their clients. 
  • Multi-Tenancy: Users can manage access to each embedding with granular control, handling who can see what.
  • Focus On What Matters: The solution gives teams the time to focus their efforts on their own product by alleviating the burden of developing their own analytics from scratch, saving the company time and money.
  • Empower Non-Technical Users: Even without coding experience, users can build and deploy apps with a guided framework.
  • No On-Boarding Necessary: Clients are able to access actionable insights from day one, boosting user adoption and customer retention with a user experience that feels familiar.
  • Accelerate Time to Value: Toucan Toco claims that it helps users roll out their robust solution to clients in just two weeks. 

Industry Expertise

Toucan Toco fulfills the business intelligence needs of users from many industries, including marketing, manufacturing, financial services, human resources, sales, management, retail, market research, insurance and IT. Based in Paris, the company also has locations in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan and Amsterdam, as well as a U.S. headquarters in Boston.

Current Customers

BNP Paribas Software Tools
Deloitte Software Tools
Accor Software Tools
Carrefour Software Tools
Renault Nissan  Software Tools
Sodexo Software Tools
Allianz Software Tools
PricingHub Software Tools
Total Software Tools

Key Features

Toucan Toco Platform

  • Connect Any Data Source: The platform has over 100 built-in connectors for cloud applications, on-premise databases, cloud data warehouses, third-party BI solutions and REST API. If their data source isn’t natively supported, users can create their own connectors through an open-source library. Some supported connections include SAP, MicroStrategy, Google BigQuery, Oracle, SQL Server, Google Analytics, Salesforce and more. It also offers native integration for files such as CSV and Excel, and users can upload static files into the platform to transform them into dynamic data.
  • Keep Data Up-To-Date: Users can refresh their data on demand, automatically on a regular basis with a scheduler, or request it in real time. Users can define which sources to refresh and how often to refresh them through batch processing.The solution blends live and loaded data sources, tracking changes and debugging datasets with its Storytelling Tracker.
  • Integrated ETL: Toucan can extract, transform and load data, collecting it in an embedded data lake and cleaning it up before integrating it into the solution. Users can perform on-the-fly data queries with Weaverbird, Toucan’s built-in, open-source no-code visual query builder. The platform can also integrate with existing ETL tools such as Talend, iPython, Notebook, Dataiku, Denodo and other similar tools, and is designed to be compatible with all information systems.
  • Data Visualization: Toucan can create more than 20 kinds of charts and graphs to display information in visually appealing ways. The visualizations highlight key-value elements and add color and context to information. 
  • Interactive Dashboards: Ergonomic dashboards display KPIs in the form of an interactive story, with the aid of graphic messages. Users can add comments, sources, captions, glossaries and more to add additional context.
  • Toucan Toco Studio: The solution helps users create charts and stories without technical skills. It assists users in adding context and generating visualizations with a few clicks, all while helping them become more data-literate.
  • Collaboration: Users can annotate and comment on dashboards, continuing the conversation and driving action. The live chat box encourages the exchange of ideas. Users can ensure their privacy by specifying that their comments be visible to specific groups only. Users can export and share insights with others inside and outside the organization. The solution also integrates with tools like Slack and Teams.
  • Calls to Action: The platform has a built-in decision-support system that gives relevant recommendations, links to relevant insights and proposed next steps, helping users decide exactly what to do with their information. 
  • Alerts: Users have a dedicated notification environment where they can add, edit and configure their rules and conditions for email or push notifications.
  • Presentation Mode: Toucan empowers data-driven meetings with a mode built specifically for sharing insights in a presentation format. Users can schedule their presentation with calendar events and invite people from anywhere to follow their data story. In presentation mode, viewers can identify metrics and interact with the dashboard, as well as create a dialogue with the presenter through a chat box. 
  • Role-Based Administration: Users can maintain granular control of user permissions by defining clear roles like App Builder, App Validator, Viewer, Data Manager, Full Administrator and more, ensuring that roles and responsibilities are clear across the organization. 
  • Mobile Access: As a web app, Toucan Toco is accessible on all devices. With an offline mode, users can access their information on devices that aren’t connected to the internet. The platform takes a mobile-first strategy, prioritizing the mobile version of a site and then adapting it for larger screens.

Toucan Toco Embedded Analytics

  • Web Components: The application can be embedded into other platforms or websites either through a web component or iframe to deliver insights to the user’s clients. 
  • White-Labeling: Users can customize the look and feel of the platform with colors, styles, logos and backgrounds to comply with their company’s brand and adapt to user categories.
  • Security: It can connect to an organization’s SSO capabilities to leverage the native authentication system. It supports SAML and OpenID protocols. The security capabilities of the main platform apply to the embedded offering as well.
  • One-Click Publication: Users can publish new content or modifications to the analytics feature to all users with just one click.
  • Guided Framework: Through an intuitive UI, even non-technical users can quickly build and deploy their app by following the built-in guidelines for design. 
  • Data-Free Prototyping: Toucan offers an integrated fake data generator that helps users put design and KPI selection first.
  • App Templates: Users can access a rich, curated catalog of ready-to-use templates, any of which they can customize to fit their own needs and deploy in seconds. Several templates are built by leaders in their field, and all templates are based on real use cases to be relevant to users. The templates come with ready-to-populate data models.


Some of the product limitations include:

  • Users cannot create their own custom visualizations in Toucan.
  • The platform does not have the ability to forecast data.

Toucan Toco Suite Support

Toucan has a dedicated Care team that answers support requests through email and the vendor’s Discourse platform within a few hours maximum. Support is available Monday  Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST.

Toucan has a dedicated on-call team at night and on weekends to watch for and fix major issues with the platform.
mail_outlineEmail: SaaS users can request support via email, though the email is not listed on Toucan’s website. Users can access this dedicated support email from within the Toucan Studio admin console. Users of on-premise installations can email [email protected] General inquiries can be directed to [email protected]
phonePhone: The vendor does not appear to offer support by phone.
schoolTraining: Toucan offers extensive documentation for the solution on its website, organized by user role and topic. The searchable database of documentation includes how to get started, tips and tutorials and technical details about the platform. For on-premise installations, Toucan provides a day of training to help their clients’ technical points of contact learn how to deploy the solution.

Toucan offers a training program on using Toucan Studio efficiently and data storytelling best practices. The program encompasses two business days and includes a self-training phase and live session to build and review a business case based on the user’s data storytelling education. Users who complete the training can be certified as a Toucan practitioner, Toucan expert and Toucan trainer.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit support requests via email as detailed above. Users can log in to the Discourse platform, an online community of Toucan app-builders, to connect with Toucan’s support team. Users are encouraged to explore the Discourse community forum to see if their issue has been addressed before.
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All in all, it took us 6 weeks to build the dashboards we aimed for and integrate Toucan in our product. During that period we tested more than 100 versions of different charts.

A data storytelling tool that is revolutionizing enterprise analytics.

A note from Toucan Toco

For platform services product teams who want to give to their customers a very high-quality perception of their services leveraging the reporting component of their solution, Toucan Toco provides a dedicated data visualization platform that allows them to build 10x quicker than custom development, with no developer skills. These beautiful visualizations can be securely and lightly embedded in any web application.

Unlike other embedded vendors, our product provides a lightweight but powerful setup for integration and access management.

Unlike other BI solutions, we focus on data storytelling, not data discovery. Toucan is a tool optimized for data communication for the builder and for the end-user. With Toucan you add data storytelling capabilities to your product at the price of zero additional complexity for the end-user.

We provide total data flexibility: plug visualizations directly to your "live" data or use our smart cache to optimize the user's experience.

The technology  based on web components, not IFrames  guarantees the best UX for your end-users and the best flexibility for your development team.

- Charles Miglietti, CEO, Toucan Toco