Benefits and Insights

Why use Duck Creek?

Key differentiators & advantages of Duck Creek

  • Gain a Consolidated View of Business Data: Sophisticated analytics lets users consolidate data from many sources across their organization and prepare it for reporting and further analysis without interrupting transactions.
  • Reduce Time to Insights: The system significantly reduces the amount of time spent collecting, cleansing, entering and analyzing data by automating numerous steps of the process.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: Organizations can put their data to work by analyzing, contextualizing and visualizing data trends to glean insights. This helps them more effectively manage and apply information discovered from historical data to future goals.
  • Collaborate to Improve Data: The system promotes collaboration between IT and business resources to maintain data quality, definition, reliability and accessibility. Collaboration encourages healthy data programs, ensures compliance and improves the speed of issue resolution.
  • Reduce Risk: Built-in coding presets help reduce human error when inputting policy codes, decreasing corrective work and liability. It also helps position the organization competitively based on financial forecasting and data analysis to lower and manage risk.

Industry Expertise

Duck Creek is designed to serve the financial services industries including insurance, banking, investing and other financial asset management organizations.

Key Features

  • Multiple Datasources: Draws data from a range of sources including policy, claims, legacy systems, billing, data lakes and the IoT into a single database without changing it at the source.
  • Data Hub: Data collected from other sources is funneled into a centralized data hub made up of data repositories.
  • Financial Reporting: Gather data on insurance transactions and generate reports from regulation-approved formats in addition to custom reports.
  • Statistical Coding: Includes full presets for insurance and loss policy codes.
  • Business Analytics: Performs financial analytics functions, including horizontal and vertical analysis, short-term analysis, forecasting, industry comparison and more.
  • Actionable Insights: Transforms abstract data points into insights by highlighting trends and performing analysis.

Duck Creek Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact support by submitting a ticket in their user portal.
phonePhone: U.S. users can call Duck Creek at 1-833-798-7789 and U.K. users can reach them at 44 800 029 3523.
schoolTraining: Duck Creek University is an online training program that offers a variety of courses to train users in the various modules of the system. The subscription-based learning center offers hands-on training with industry experts to get users started and make them experts in the technology. There are also instructor-led courses available at a Duck Creek facility, on your premises or remotely online. These courses can be tailor-made to be role-based for specific user types or industries, ensuring users get the information they need.
local_offerTickets: To contact the team of support engineers, users should log in to their user account. They can also take advantage of the user group, content exchange and resource center to explore crowdsourced solutions and support from the community of other Duck Creek users.
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