Benefits and Insights

Why use Style Intelligence?

Key differentiators & advantages of Style Intelligence

  • Interactive Dashboards: Users access all their data and insights from an easy-to-use dashboard that is fully customizable and interactive. Drill-down capabilities within the dashboard enable users to identify outliers or specific data points for centralized deep analysis. 
  • User Friendly: Style Intelligence stands out among its competitors for ease of use, engaging visuals and accessibility to underlying data. It is viable for data scientists and casual users alike. 
  • Big Data Analytics Through OLAP Connectivity: Users can connect to external Online Analytical Processing cubes like Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Essbase for deeper analysis allowing it to scale up. 
  • Get Deeper Insights Through Machine Learning: Machine learning modules allow for AI to process data and develop insights a human interpreter may have missed. 
  • Web Based and Delivered: Browser-based delivery enables dashboard access from most browser-enabled devices. Users can access their data in a stand-alone application or embedded in their company’s preexistent solutions from most devices and in real time. 
  • Scalable: It is capable of big data analytics through integrations with Hadoop and Apache Spark, and its internal mashup software that compresses cache blocks and generates analytic-ready queries to maximize data efficiency. 

Industry Expertise

InetSoft has been producing BI software since 1996 and built up a client base of more than 5,000 customers. Starting with four employees in a garage in Piscataway, New Jersey, it has grown to three main offices, two of which are in China. Twenty-five percent of Fortune 500 companies have utilized its solutions, spanning all industries.

Key Features

All features listed are included in the Style Intelligence package. Features are broken up by source product: either Scope, Report or both.

Scope and Report
  • Data Mashup: Style Intelligence can retrieve data from most data lakes and warehouses, with the capability to access applications that use JSON and REST API. It enables different data formats to be transformed and interact with each other. 
  • Interactive Dashboards: It delivers data through easy-to-build web applications with customizability and interactivity functionality. These dashboards can be configured for use on most devices while maintaining interactive features, including machine learning modules. 
  • Mobile Support: Dashboards and reports are accessible from most web-browser capable devices without losing functionality. 
  • Multi-Tenancy: Different users can access different data within the same deployment, making distinct, relevant data available to specific departments within a company. 
  • Embeddability: Dashboards are embeddable within a company’s preexisting platforms, like CRM or ERP. These interfaces maintain the interactivity of their stand-alone counterparts. 
  • Annotations: Different users can leave annotations and comments on dashboards, allowing in-platform communication and collaboration. 
  • Machine Learning: The platform can find trends and insights not immediately apparent to the user automatically through machine learning. Machine learning training modules are accessible and interactable from the dashboard. 
  • Write-Back: Style Scope allows for data interaction like adding new data to a set, cleaning up errors and deleting unused points, making the pool more applicable, accurate and efficient. 
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting: Users can produce one-off data queries and present them within dashboards or other reporting features to discover specific insights that won’t need to be researched again or monitored long term. 
  • Additional Familiar Business Objects: Scope brings additional visualization modules to Intelligence to allow for better interpretation, including gauges and thermometers. 
  • Drag and Drop Visualization: Users do not need to know a coding language to design their visualizations or reports. The platform uses a drag-and-drop modeler to create layouts and let users present data how they want. 
  • Alerts: Users can get alerts on their devices if input business rules trigger, allowing them to resolve issues promptly. 
  • Real-Time Data Modeling: Its high-performance processing and integration with relational databases enable real-time data analytics and modeling on visualizations and dashboards for up-to-the-minute decision making. 
  • Data Export: Data report snapshots can be produced in common formats like CSV, RTF, text and Postscript to enable easy distribution of information. 
  • Scheduled Reports: Automatically generated reports can be scheduled in either a time-based or event-triggered manner, keeping users informed. 
  • JSP Tag Library: It offers a custom Java Server Page tag library, enabling easy integration with Java and embedding dashboards into web platforms. 

Style Intelligence Suite Support

InetSoft offers webinars, training videos and documentation through its website. It also hosts its support portal there, where customers can log in to get technical assistance. Its standard support options follow:

mail_outlineEmail: Customers can contact [email protected] for email support.
phonePhone: In the U.S., customers can call 1-888-216-2353. International customers can get phone support at 1-732-424-0400.
schoolTraining: A series of webinars, training videos and documentation allow for passive training, while the vendor offers on-site and remote hands-on training through its website.
local_offerTickets: Support tickets can be submitted behind the login wall of the support portal on the vendor’s website.
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