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  • Library of Dashboard Templates: Slemma provides a pre-built library of customizable dashboard templates, specifically designed according to various data sources like Hubspot, Insightly, Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Quickbooks and more. 
  • Pre-built Visualizations and Chart Designer: Slemma offers over 21 customizable and responsive visualizations and charts. Slemma’s Chart Designer offers a guided wizard to customize the visualizations, without the need to write any code. 
  • Code-less Integration: Slemma offers secure, code less integration with more than 75 third-party applications and tools. It allows users to quickly configure and access these datasets and share those with everyone within their organization. 
  • Read-only Relationship with Data: Slemma doesn’t store any data, it just reads it and hence has a ‘read-only’ relationship with the data. This allows the Slemma engine to run quickly since it doesn’t have to lug around datasets. 
  • Embeddable and White-label Options: Slemma offers complete white-labelling options to establish one's own brand among customers, employees, and others. The dashboards and reports are embeddable on a webpage or an email and the look and feel can also be customized to match with the styles of the application. 
  • Dynamic Filtering: Slemma’s Dynamic Filtering allows to have a single dashboard or dataset that is shared with the clients. Each client will only see the data that pertains to them making it totally personalized to each customer’s business.
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