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Why use Sisense?

Key differentiators & advantages of Sisense

  • Brings Intelligence to Every User: Sisense aims to make every user data fluent with its intuitive workflow. They can connect, mash, blend and analyze data in a user-friendly, visual framework that is easy to manipulate. The platform reduces data prep and cleans data within the interface without changing any of the original data in its source. This provides error-free analysis and better quality assurance.
  • Delivers Analysis Quickly: Through single-stack technology, the system eliminates barriers between analysts and the data they need to reach answers. This end-to-end BI system includes everything from a database to ETL to analysis to visualizations within a single architecture.
  • Keeps Data Secure: Advanced machine learning detects anomalies in the data and sends an alert instantly. Managers can set role-based access restrictions, safeguarding sensitive data from users who shouldn’t have access to it, as well as offering them oversight and transparency. Data security is scalable and offers protocols at the process level, system level, object level and data level to ensure tight security. The solution also comes with built-in recovery and audit strategies to prevent data loss as well as protect the organization’s audit trails.
  • Uncovers Actionable Insights: By analyzing data trends and identifying patterns, users can make predictions and business decisions based on facts. This can improve business practices, reduce oversight errors, boost ROI and streamline general business efficiency. Smart suggestions guide users to best-match visualization, uncover patterns and highlight trends in data. The system builds narratives that facilitate deeper interaction with data, acting as a digital assistant analyst at the users’ beck and call.
  • Promotes Collaboration: Users can share reports and make comments on them to collaborate on insights, KPIs and goals. All this happens through a secure network, ensuring data security compliance.
  • Offers Customization: An open API framework lets users customize the platform to meet their needs so they’re only paying for features they’ll use and getting exactly what they want out of a BI tool.

Industry Expertise

Any organization that is interested in collecting data on their operations and gleaning insights into best practices can benefit from implementing business intelligence software. However, this solution specializes in government, supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, software, retail, marketing and hospitality.

Key Features

  • In-Chip Analytics: An alternative to in-memory processing, this feature combines a columnar database and smart algorithms in an in-chip cache and a combination of either disk or RAM, rather than solely disk or RAM. This frees up your processing power for other tasks, improves the speed of the processing and reduces downtime caused by an overworked RAM or disk.
  • Prism 10X: This in-chip analysis feature allows users to analyze 100 times more data 10 times faster than with in-memory solutions.
  • Data Blending: Users can blend huge datasets from a range of sources instantly with this solution. Users can then perform slicing, dicing and exploration of data in a simple, accessible interface.
  • Easy-to-Interpret Visualizations: Once users have analyzed their data, this BI tool organizes it into intuitive visualizations like bar charts, scattergrams, pie charts, line graphs, interactive maps, etc.
  • Single-Stack System: The system’s architecture lets users perform a range of data preparation tasks (exploration, analysis, visualization, collaboration) without jumping to other platforms.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning remembers previous actions and patterns of analysis to offer suggestions for data analysis, perform recurring reports and detect anomalies in the data.
  • Integrations: This system can be both embedded into and integrated with other software solutions. This lets you draw data directly from your CRM to perform analysis tasks in the BI interface, or embed the BI capabilities into the CRM so you can stay on that platform. This feature opens up a range of usability options, making it highly versatile.


Some of the product limitations include:

  • Does not support predictive modeling and analysis
  • Dashboards do not support advanced visualizations such as 3-D graphics
  • UI of the mobile app is not user friendly
  • Does not work well with complex and huge data sets
  • Does not offer scheduled reports that can be sent via email so that users can consume reports outside of the online dashboard

Sisense Suite Support

For each pricing plan, there are free levels of support. For instance, for companies enrolled in the Business or Business+ price tier, support tickets are included. And companies enrolled in the Business+ plan get remote assistance and a personal specialist at no additional cost.
mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly. 
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly. 
schoolTraining:Training is available in the form of webinars, whitepapers, ebooks, brochures, case studies, a blog, forums and live classes. Many third-party providers also offer certification courses for the Sisense platform
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users should search the documentation and resources to ensure their problem hasn’t been answered elsewhere. If this fails, users can submit a ticket through the support page without signing in, or from their account. The “request ticket” action will take users to a form that asks them to explain their problem, select their software solution and attach files.

Cost of Ownership for Sisense

License/Subscription CostAnnual license cost is based on tiers depending on the number of users. The first tier allows up to 10 users (Basic). The second tier (Business) supports up to 50 users, and the third tier (Business+) supports an unlimited number of users
Maintenance Cost

There are no additional costs for training or to maintain the software

For each pricing plan, there are free levels of support

Installation/Implementation CostThe solution can be implemented in a short span of time as there are no additional hardware or servers to set up
Customization CostDependent on functional requirements and specific needs of the organization
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching CostDependent on your current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, complexity of data and gaps between the existing system and the new system
Recurring/Renewal CostsRenewal cost is equivalent to the fees paid annually
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100 - 499
It has good graphics and good color in the content
How hard it is to get customer service support
Transportation & Logistics
500 - 999
Built-in SQL Editor Quality Looking Reports Scheduled Emails
DB2 Connectivity is Lacking (ODBC only and seems flaky) Amounts of time are tricky License Required to email user even if they will never login
Their training videos are more like sales demos, but if you have a SQL background you'll catch on pretty quickly. Customer Service for specific issues is hit or miss. Bottom line, my execs get the data they need and it looks professional.
1000 - 2499
Most intuitive data visualization software. Contains great ability to connect different data sources in the cubes and has faster querying capability than its competitors. They try their best to constantly be developing new techniques and are on the cutting edge.
Super pricey. The licensing alone is double that of its competition, but it is marketed as a full stack software. Additional users are more expensive than others, who have unlimited options available. Sales team is also very aggressive and pushy.
The experience was good. I'd say it would be worth it if we had the funding.
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