Benefits and Insights

Why use Sisense?

Key differentiators & advantages of Sisense

  • Brings Intelligence to Every User: Empower every user with data literacy via access to an intuitive data workflow. Leverage self-service BI to connect, mash up, blend and analyze data in a user-friendly, visual framework that is easy to manipulate. 
  • Optimizes Data Prep: Eliminate barriers between analysts and the data they need to reach answers through single-stack technology. Reduce the time needed for data prep and clean data within the interface without changing any of the original data in its source. Perform error-free analysis with better quality assurance. Incorporate everything from a database to ETL to analysis to visualizations within a single architecture in an end-to-end BI system.
  • Delivers Analysis Quickly: Through its proprietary AI-powered in-chip technology, perform thousands of queries on massive amounts of data and return results at faster speeds with in-memory processing, allowing for more efficient decision making.
  • Keeps Data Secure: Leverage advanced machine learning, detect anomalies in the data and send alerts instantly. Set role-based access restrictions, safeguard sensitive data from users who shouldn’t have access to it, and maintain greater oversight and transparency. Offer scalable data security protocols at the process level, system level, object level and data level to ensure tight security. Incorporate built-in recovery and audit strategies to prevent data loss as well as protect the organization’s audit trails.
  • Uncovers Actionable Insights: Make predictions and business decisions based on facts by analyzing data trends and identifying patterns. Improve business practices, reduce oversight errors, boost ROI and streamline general business efficiency. Utilize smart suggestions to best-match visualizations, uncover patterns and highlight trends in data. Build narratives that facilitate deeper interaction with data, and keep a digital assistant analyst at the ready.
  • Promotes Collaboration: Collaborate with others to share reports and insights on KPIs and goals, while ensuring data security compliance by keeping users on a secure network.
  • Offers Customization: Customize the platform to meet users’ needs via an open API framework. Only pay for features they’ll use and get exactly what they want out of a BI tool.
  • Scalable: Agilely adapt to users’ needs. Minimize costs via reasonable pricing and grow with business. Scale to tens of thousands of users and terabytes of data, while powering complex analysis with in-chip machine learning technology.
  • Provides Insights On-the-Go: Stay connected to data that fuels business decisions even while on the move. Access dashboards on any device and elect to receive notifications and real-time updates.
  • Try Before You Buy: Test it hands-on through a 14-day free trial.

Industry Expertise

Any organization that is interested in collecting data on their operations and gleaning insights into best practices can benefit from implementing business intelligence software. However, Sisense specializes in enterprise, government, supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, software, retail, marketing and hospitality.

Key Features

  • In-Chip Analytics: Free up processing power for other tasks, improve the speed of processing and reduce downtime caused by overworked RAM or disks. Combine a columnar database with smart algorithms in an in-chip cache. Choose between either disk or RAM, rather than solely disk or RAM, as an alternative to in-memory processing.
  • Data Connectivity: Draw from many different data sources and formats with hundreds of built-in connectors with cloud applications such as Zendesk and Salesforce. Drag and drop to import from databases and spreadsheets. Pull directly from CRMs or embed the BI interface into the CRM, providing versatility in workflow options.
  • Data Blending: Blend huge datasets from a range of sources instantly into one centralized location, and receive a holistic view of all data. Investigate further through slicing, dicing and exploration of data via a simple, accessible interface.
  • Data Visualizations: Organize user data into easy-to-understand visualizations like bar charts, scattergrams, pie charts, line graphs, interactive maps, etc. Access a rich library of prebuilt graphics and widgets or open source designs, and easily manipulate them from within an intuitive UI. 
  • Interactive Dashboards: Drag-and-drop to build interactive dashboards that encourage deeper data exploration. Help users to build widgets and filters, and leverage AI-assisted exploration and automatic analysis to provide further insight. 
  • Real-Time Insights: Set up and maintain live connections to data and monitor dashboards in real time. Establish push notification alerts to receive automatic updates when changes to KPIs occur. 
  • Single-Stack System: Perform a range of data preparation tasks, such as exploration, analysis, visualization and collaboration, without needing to switch to other platforms.
  • Publish and Share: Enable everyone in an organization to access and filter information with web-based dashboards. Publish a dashboard with one click and open it to the entire company for easy access without needing to download files.
  • Augmented Intelligence: Leverage Sisense Pulse, powered by machine learning algorithms, to continually monitor KPIs and receive proactive alerts when anomalies and variations are detected. Automate previously manual tasks and data-driven workflows, personalize the BI experience with a tailored command center and deliver a dynamically updated feed that keeps users up to date.
  • Embedded Analytics: Turn data into data products that deliver BI to clients with a white label solution in Product Teams.
  • R Integration: Perform predictive analysis and access better BI reporting and decision-making through R programming language.
  • Add-Ons: Extend the functionality of the platform by downloading and equipping any number of free and premium native and third party extensions from the marketplace.
  • Natural Language Processing: Empower users of all data literacy levels to derive the full value of their insights through natural language generation with Sisense Narratives. Simplify into everyday language the complexities of data analysis for accessibility and easier understanding through AI-generated text-based insights.
  • Mobile BI: Access BI on-the-go directly from iOS and Android phones with a native app that renders mobile-optimized responsive dashboards with touchscreen integration. Alternatively, access the platform through a browser from any laptop, tablet or smartphone, no downloads or installation required.


Some of the product limitations include:

  • Doesn't support predictive modeling and analysis
  • Dashboards don't support advanced visualizations such as 3-D graphics
  • UI of the mobile app isn't user friendly
  • Doesn't work well with complex and huge data sets
  • Doesn't offer scheduled reports that can be sent via email so that users can consume reports outside of the online dashboard

Suite Support

Each Sisense client has a designated Customer Success Manager who serves as their main point of contact. Any new customer receives onboarding services from a dedicated BI consultant who accelerates time to value. There is no limit to the amount of support any actively licensed customer may receive. Users can upgrade their support plan to Enterprise Elite Service for access to faster response times, proactive support, a designated technical support consultant, continued BI consultation past onboarding, as well as on-site training and workshops.

Service hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding national holidays in the United States, with response times varying based on the priority of the issue and the user’s tier of support plan.

For each pricing plan, there are free levels of support. For instance, for companies enrolled in the Business or Business+ price tier, support tickets are included. And companies enrolled in the Business+ plan get remote assistance and a personal specialist at no additional cost.

mail_outlineEmail: Cannot email support directly.
phonePhone: Cannot call support directly.
schoolTraining: There is an online video library that includes Getting Started training, product tutorials and online educational training sessions. Sisense offers webinars, including in-depth Masters Training sessions on best practices and maximizing the value from the solution. Sisense also provides online documentation and for new customers, complimentary onboarding assistance with a BI consultant. Users may also peruse the searchable Sisense knowledge base and community forums for assistance. Other resources available through Sisense include dashboard examples, whitepapers and eBooks, brochures, case studies, a glossary and a blog.

Sisense regularly offers training events both virtual and in-person, available via registration fee or coupon voucher. Many third-party partners also offer training and certification courses for the platform.
local_offerTickets: Click the “Submit Ticket” button on the support page, with or without signing in to an account, and then describe the issue in detail through the support form.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost Annual license cost is based on tiers depending on the number of users. The first tier allows up to 10 users (Basic). The second tier (Business) supports up to 50 users, and the third tier (Business+) supports an unlimited number of users
Maintenance Cost

There are no additional costs for training or to maintain the software

For each pricing plan, there are free levels of support

Installation/Implementation Cost The solution can be implemented in a short span of time as there are no additional hardware or servers to set up
Customization Cost Dependent on functional requirements and specific needs of the organization
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost Dependent on your current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, complexity of data and gaps between the existing system and the new system
Recurring/Renewal Costs Renewal cost is equivalent to the fees paid annually

Sisense Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

929 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Customer Service and Support : More than 92% of users mentioning customer support said that responses to their queries were prompt and informative, and that there’s good access to online user communities.
  • Data Integration: Approximately 92% of users who mention data source integrations express satisfaction with its ability to import, blend and streamline data from multiple sources into a cohesive database.
  • Data Visualization: Citing stunning dashboards with a range of visually powerful visual tools like widgets, graphs and scattergrams, 85% of users who mention data visualization say it’s a strong feature of Sisense.
  • Ease of Use: More than 93% of users mentioning the platform’s ease of use praise it as user-friendly, citing self-service BI features such as interactive dashboards and data visualizations.
  • Cost: Among users who comment on its pricing, more than 85% said that Sisense offers great value for its cost, with some reviews coming from long-time customers.


  • Data Preparation and Modeling: About 50% of users who mentioned data modeling say that it is not as intuitive for non-technical staff, requiring strong IT support.
  • Training: More than 60% of users who write about learning how to use the platform say that with frequent new releases, a lack of sufficient documentation, coupled with the difficulty of using a programming language make this a tricky tool to master.

Researcher's Summary:

Users appreciate how Sisense creates large datasets from constantly evolving data sources to be seamlessly streamlined into actionable data, and presented easily in the form of graphs, bar and pie charts, scattergrams, line graphs, interactive maps and many more visualization types. Regarding customer support, users praise their prompt and informative responses - from implementation to handling subsequent queries — as high quality customer service that comes neatly packaged with pricing plans.

Users mention that the implementation of this solution, though easy for basic setup, can be quite demanding in terms of scripting and configuration setup, especially for advanced analytics. Non-technical users might find it challenging to set up the data objects - ElastiCubes - without strong IT support. On the front-end, dashboard customization and formatting of visualizations can be tricky as these require basic knowledge of CSS, Javascript and development. Though a large number of users find this solution to be cost-effective, smaller businesses and startups that only need a limited number of licenses might find it expensive.

Overall, Sisense is a strong BI solution with strong data capabilities, and its drill-down functionality empowers users to glean insightful and actionable analytics that drive business strategy by aiding in decision-making processes. To maximize its potential, businesses may require strong IT support for implementation and formatting of visualizations. It is certainly worth considering for enterprise BI needs, if the price is right!

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