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Why use Sisense For Cloud Data Teams?

Key differentiators & advantages of Sisense For Cloud Data Teams

  • Transforms Data Fast: The analytics warehouse integration helps data teams perform timely query performance and large-scale data ingestion for any volume of workload. The data engine plugs directly into cloud databases and optimizes raw data by bypassing steps of the ETL process. This allows for a hassle-free data import process via proprietary data caching technology.
  • Centralized Data Warehouse: The Sisense data engine creates a single source of truth by ingesting and storing data where it’s analyzed, speeding up analytics processes.
  • Ease of Use: Users of all data literacy levels can explore their data and visualize trends through simple search query language, rather than via coding or modeling, making it an accessible solution for all employees.
  • Stats at a Glance: With Summary Statistics, users can understand and parse the results of their data queries when exploring data and building models, without needing to write more SQL.
  • Reusable Analysis: The solution saves data teams time by storing frequently used in-house codes for swift collaboration without needing to start new queries from scratch.
  • Collaborative Insights: Sisense makes it easy for analyst and line-of-business teams to work together to explore data with programming and self-service analytics. Users can hand off data analysis to each other and then publish and share insights with others via direct linking, password-protected links, email or Slack.
  • Self-Service BI: Users can pinpoint important data points in minutes, with reusable formulas and ad hoc analysis modeling that query data and return answers in real time.
  • R, Python and SQL On One Platform: Users can create more advanced analytics processes with any programming language they choose, with support for SQL, Python and R all in the same environment, allowing for open-source programming integrations and use of formulas from other packages or libraries.
  • Scalability: The platform is designed specifically to grow with the company as it incorporates more complex datasets, higher volumes of data, more users, etc.
  • Security: The platform has a cloud security infrastructure that upholds industry wide best practices and standards, with a wide range of security certifications including SOC2, HIPAA, ISO, and E.U-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certification. All traffic between users’ web browsers and Sisense’s servers is encrypted, and for additional user-level security, Sisense offers data permissions plans, TFA and single sign-on functionality.

Industry Expertise

Sisense serves a wide variety of customers, but some of their industry specialties include enterprise, government, supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, software, retail, marketing and hospitality.

Key Features

  • Native Data Connectors: This system offers an ecosystem of native data connectors and ETL partners that lets users blend data together into a single accessible database for use. 
  • Cloud Data Pipelines:With the data engine, users can control when and how often their data is refreshed and what the flow of information looks like, providing visibility and control over their data pipelines with a flexible, low maintenance solution.
  • Data Discovery: Non-technical users have direct access to CSVs and data sets curated by analysts and can interact with these insights through a drag-and-drop interface that does not require fluency in SQL. 
  • Git Integration: Developers get complete control over their analytics environment through Git integration. It offers sophisticated version control, release management workflows as well as file-level access to all user-generated content, like reports. All of these settings can be created, edited, synced and deleted through Git.
  • Model-as-You-Go:The model-as-you-go feature lets users perform ad-hoc analysis to answer crucial questions at the click of a button by generating custom, on-the-fly reports.
  • Data Visualization:Users can create and share advanced, highly customizable data visualizations, including scatter plots, bar charts, bubble charts, bullet charts, funnel charts, waterfall charts, control charts, Gantt charts, radial bar charts and more.
  • SQL Editor Tools:The solution helps analysts shorten the time needed to make the connection from query to answer with powerful SQL writing tools, such as query revision history, views, filters, autocomplete suggestions, formatting and more. 
  • Learn SQL:Users who aren’t fluent in SQL programming language can experiment with it via drag-and-drop fields and see how results of their queries change with additional dragging and dropping.
  • Code Library: Users can store frequently used code in a common library via Snippets for easy access later. This reduces repetitive data entry tasks and saves time for subsequent report generation.
  • Spaces:With Spaces, users can manage data-level permissions to gate and restrict access to sensitive data and customize dashboards on a per-organization basis.
  • Share and Embed:Users can share dashboards via password-protection enabled public URLs or embedding inside other web applications or web portals. Users can also download dashboards as static PDF images for uses such as email distribution.

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Suite Support

Due to the recent acquisition of Periscope Data by Sisense, users can receive support for the platform by contacting Sisense. The user login page for the product remains on the Periscope Data domain, so users can log in to the service and submit a request for support from within the customer portal.

Each Sisense client has a designated Customer Success Manager who serves as their main point of contact. Any new customer receives onboarding services from a dedicated BI consultant who accelerates time to value. Users can upgrade their support plan to Enterprise Elite Service for access to faster response times, proactive support, a designated technical support consultant, continued BI consultation past onboarding, as well as on-site training and workshops.

Service hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding national holidays in the United States, with response times varying based on the priority of the issue and the user’s tier of support plan.

mail_outlineEmail:Users can email a request for support for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams to [email protected]
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly.
schoolTraining: Users have access to a range of training materials in the form of documentation, community forums and a searchable knowledge base for Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. Sisense does not appear to offer a training course online or on-site for using this specific product.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit support tickets either through the customer portal for the product or by emailing the support team at the address listed above.

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