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  • Easy Data Access for All - Access, analyze, and distribute data exactly the way you need it—regardless of your level of technical know-how. This business intelligence tool empowers you, your users, and your C-suite executives to get the business-critical data you need to make informed decisions.
  • Do More in Your Day - Don’t waste any more time with outdated data access tools. With Sequel Data Access, it’s easy for any user to run queries/views, build executive dashboards, pivot and drill down into data via client tables, and design sophisticated reports. Even access your data directly in Microsoft Excel—or use Microsoft Excel and Access as data sources. Spot trends and share results faster with data access software.
  • Get Started Faster - You’ll be pulling your first queries before your second cup of coffee. Sequel’s modern interface is both intuitive and easy to use for technical and non-technical end users.
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