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Why use SAS Visual Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of SAS Visual Analytics

  • Easily Create Models and Explore Data: As a self-service BI, the solution makes it easy for users to interact with and prepare data for analysis or visualization. Built on proven techniques, the models that users can build are stable, accurate and easy to create. This helps users present diverse datasets in a unified format that is easy to interpret.
  • Discover Data Relationships and Patterns: Through algorithms and pre-defined related measures, the solution helps users identify patterns in the data. Then it uses machine learning to visualize narratives from the data, making these relationships easy to see and understand.
  • Visualize Data in Intuitive Graphics: The solution displays discovered trends in the form of intuitive graphics, reports and dashboards, making them easier to explain, share and understand. This includes geographical data displayed on interactive maps.
  • Glean Data-Based Insights: The solution helps users identify patterns, trends or important points in their data. This can help them gain insights and understand their business more thoroughly. They can answer specific business questions, identify pain points in their workflows, highlight areas for improvement and forecast future results much more accurately, improving transparency into their business at every level.
  • Perform Guided and Augmented Analysis: The system offers a variety of augmented or automated features that facilitate the data discovery and analysis processes. Augmented analytics automatically suggests the best-fit graphic for a given set of data to make it easy for users to identify trends. Automated explanation identifies potentially related groups of data based on pre-set factors, uncovering insights users might miss with the naked eye.
  • Make Better Business Decisions: Users can take the insights they glean from data trends and patterns and apply them to forecasting, budgeting and other business planning. This helps them make data-driven business decisions based on historical information from their organization.
  • Share and Collaborate: The system promotes collaboration on dashboards and makes it easy to share them with internal teams, clients, management and other key groups. Users can add comments to reports, create alerts for report objects to notify key members when a trigger factor is met, distribute PDF reports securely and restrict access to maintain the report’s integrity.

Industry Expertise

SAS serves organizations in a wide range of industries but specializes in healthcare, government services, higher education, consulting services, professional services, media and entertainment.

Key Features

  • Ad Hoc Reporting and Analysis: Users can run queries and perform analysis on data on demand without knowing code. They can creatively assemble reports from this data in real time as opposed to relying on a predesigned template.
  • Predictive Analysis: The solution uses data mining, machine learning and predictive modeling to make predictions about future conditions based on historical data.
  • Mobile Apps: SAS Visual Analytics is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft devices, and it offers native mobile apps with an optimized mobile interface. Users can interact with visualizations on the go, view previous reports, leave comments, capture screenshots and set mobile notifications.
  • Interactive Discovery: This feature offers users the ability to identify outliers, clusters, relationships, trends, etc. by exploring data in a natural query-based way rather than through coding.
  • Location Analytics: Users can lasso data points on a map through OpenStreetmap or Esri ArcGIS to select them for analysis. This feature offers point clustering, map pins, custom polygons and more to enrich demographic data.
  • Trend Indicators: Trend indicators attempt to predict future movement of data points based on historical trends. The solution offers built-in trend indicators to help users identify which types of data to observe.
  • Visualizations: A range of visualization options ensure users get what they need from data and can easily discover patterns. Some of these graphical options include bar graphs, pie charts, donut graphics, line graphs, scattergrams, heat maps, bubble maps, dot maps, needle graphics, numeric series, schedule charts, vectors, key value infographics and more.
  • Scheduled Reporting: The system can be programmed to send reports at scheduled intervals or based on triggered events to ensure they are delivered regularly.
  • Customizable Dashboard: The dashboard interface is customizable so users only have access to relevant tools, visualizations and data. These interactive dashboards make it easy for users of all technical skill levels to engage with data as well as collaborate with others on data visualizations.
  • Embedded BI: The system can be embedded into web applications or other software solutions for a seamless interface and direct data draw. Users can also embed individual reports and dashboards using SAS SDK.


Some of the product limitations include:

  •  According to Gartner, SAS Visual Analytics is one of the most difficult solutions to implement 
  •  Lacks efficiency in data preparation and data management 
  •  Requires manual work in forecasting 
  •  Content creation is very difficult and time-consuming 
  •  UI isn’t user-friendly and offers limited customization for plotting graphs 

Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at [email protected] They are encouraged to search the knowledgebase and forum communities before opening a tech support ticket.
phonePhone: Users can call 1-800-727-0025 (U.S. and Canada) or 1-919-677-8008 (international) to speak with customer support. They can also live chat with an agent on the support page.
schoolTraining: Users can access a range of both free and paid training courses on the SAS training homepage. These include e-learning, live web classes, training on location, free tutorials, a learning subscription and more.
local_offerTickets: Users are encouraged to search the knowledgebase or engage with community forums before opening a support ticket — many common issues can be resolved more quickly there than waiting for support to get to your ticket. If no resolution to the problem exists through those avenues, users can reach out through live chat, phone, email or through the tech support web form.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  •  Price is based on server and user capacity. It includes license and hosting infrastructure cost 
  •  150, 300 and 600 GB storage is provided by the SaaS Now environment. The price of additional storage is $0.50 per GB per month 
Maintenance Cost
  •  On-Premise: An additional cost over and above the upfront cost has to be paid for ongoing support and maintenance 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: Upgrades and add-ons are managed directly in the cloud at no extra cost 
Installation/Implementation Cost
  •  On-Premise: Typically charged in addition to the license cost 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: Included in the subscription cost 
Customization Cost
  • Will vary depending on the functional requirements such as configurable dashboards, dashboard and operational reporting needs, type of data elements required for tracking, complexity of workflows, forms to collect additional data, UI changes, etc
Data Migration Cost/Change Management/Upfront Switching Cost
  • Dependent on your current software, amount of data to be migrated, availability of migration tools, complexity of data and gaps between the existing system and the new system
Training Cost
  • Provides free e-learning and online demos
Recurring/Renewal Costs
  •  On-Premise: Includes cost for updates, maintenance, upgrades, and patches 
  •  Cloud-based/SaaS: Renewal cost is equivalent to the fees paid monthly or annually 

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