Benefits and Insights

Why use RStudio?

Key differentiators & advantages of RStudio

  • Open-Source or Commercial: Financially limited businesses can still utilize RStudio. The open-source version can be used to create data analysis scripts and create visualizations and reports. The paid version allows access to more advanced features, including deeper security and support. The open-source avenue is still completely viable for analytics. 
  • Streamlined R Programming: The coding environment allows for code execution directly from the source editor. It integrates the tools being used into one interface, and supports Git and Subversion for more advanced code writing needs.  
  • Advanced Data Analysis: Users can develop deep analytical insights through R, the premier statistics coding language. Integrations allow for distributed processing, data modeling and predictive analytics, enabling sophisticated investigation on a big data scale. 
  • Proprietary R Packages: Users get ready-to-install R packages for expanded abilities at each stage of an analytic workflow, from ingestion and storage to analysis and consumption. Packages get as sophisticated as developing frameworks for machine learning.  
  • Data Visualization: Users can easily digest analyzed data through out-of-the-box and integrated visualizations and data consumption deployment vessels using Shiny and ggvis. Dashboards and charts are interactive with drill-down capabilities. 

Industry Expertise

RStudio Inc. was founded in 2009 with the intent of creating a sustainable, open-source R analytics platform. The community development website has more than 22,000 registered users that span all industries, including medical, retail and insurance.

Key Features

  • Source Editor: The code development environment allows users to develop programs in a single window, synthesizing and integrating all tools in use. The console can highlight syntax, define functions and complete code.  
  • Web Applications: The internally-developed Shiny Server R package allows for web publishing of applications, dashboards and documents. 
  • Flexdashboard: This R package allows the platform to develop interactive dashboards with JavaScript visualizations, with support for HTML widgets. 
  • Launcher: Users can execute R and Python processes remotely or submit R scripts to compute clusters like SLURM or Kubernetes. 
  • REST API Creation: The plumber R package allows web API connections to be developed with as little as a single line of code. 
  • Spark Integration: Seamless integration with Apache Spark enables it to achieve big data analytics through distributed processing and tap into Spark’s machine learning capabilities for more advanced queries.  
  • RStudio Connect: RStudio Connect is a publishing platform, synthesizing all the aforementioned publishing features into one interface.  
  • Data Modeling and Prediction: Connectivity to TensorFlow enables predictive and prescriptive analytics. Tidymodels R package improves the product’s own data modeling capabilities. 


Some of the product limitations include:
  •  It does not integrate with languages such as VB or Julia 
  •  Packages have to be installed and referenced. It does not feature inbuilt packages 
  •  It lacks a block code execution default function 

RStudio Suite Support

Because a large portion of the RStudio customer base utilizes its open-source products, a robust community of support exists with a designated forum-style website. Users can posit and answer questions. For customers of paid products, the vendor provides email support via ticket submission.
mail_outlineEmail: Purchasers of paid products can receive email support by submitting a ticket as described below.
phonePhone: The vendor does not offer phone support.
schoolTraining: The vendor’s website provides a robust education section, including digital courses, tutorials, articles and books, all free to access. It also offers the community support forum, as described above. The vendor also offers in-person workshops.
local_offerTickets: Users of a paid product can submit a support ticket by filling out a form on the vendor’s website. Tickets are responded to from 9 a.m — 5 p.m. EST, Monday — Friday.

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