Benefits and Insights

Why use Redash?

Key differentiators & advantages of Redash

  • Effective Queries: The intuitive SQL client makes it easy for users to browse schema, click to insert queries, create snippets and perform other query tasks efficiently.
  • Data Visualizations: Facilitates data visualizations in a range of formats including charts, tables, graphs and more.
  • Lightweight, Intuitive UI: As long as users understand basic SQL, they can explore data and create visualizations with ease.
  • Access Anywhere: Because it is deployed through the cloud, users can access this system anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.
  • Variety of Data Connectors: The system can connect to almost any data source and blend them into a single data warehouse, giving users access to all the important data in a single location.
  • Open-Source Architecture: Redash offers an open-source foundation that lets users customize the system to their needs from the code up.
  • Interactive: Filters and parameters let users manipulate results to explore deeper without needing to re-query data.

Industry Expertise

Business intelligence software typically serves all industries, with this platform specializing in transportation, technology, financial services, marketing, entertainment, software, healthcare and more.

Key Features

  • Ad-Hoc Reports: Generate on-the-fly reports to answer specific business questions on demand.
  • Dashboards: View visualizations and explore data from a single cohesive interface.
  • KPIs: Offers pre-determined key performance indicators that employees can use to generate reports.
  • Scorecards: Helps build a scorecard to present the probability of various outcomes based on data and algorithms.
  • Visual Analytics: Generates and displays data in a range of visualization options including bar graphs, simple tables, pie charts, line graphs, scattergrams, maps and more.
  • Alerts: Offers the ability to pre-schedule alerts to automatically trigger based on specific data events and notify users.
  • Collaboration: Users can share reports and visualizations through email, web embedding, Slack and more to collaborate with teammates or clients.

Redash Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Anyone can request an email about general inquiries, and active subscribers can request an email back for support by filling out the contact form.
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly.
schoolTraining: Users can access community forums, the Redash Knowledge Base and the user guide to learn how to use the solution. No additional training is offered at this time.
local_offerTickets: Only users with a paid subscription can access customer support and contact them through the contact form. All open-source users can receive community assistance through the forums.
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