Benefits and Insights

Why use RapidMiner?

Key differentiators & advantages of RapidMiner

  • Open-Source or Commercial: Open-source and free versions exist for RapidMiner Studio, the end-to-end workflow integration tool, and Radoop, the Hadoop and Spark integration and execution tool. The open-source Studio tool allows for 10,000 data rows and a logical processor. The vendor continuously updates its open-source options to keep up with modern innovations. 
  • In-Database Analytics: Analytics speed and performance are increased by performing data prep and ETL in-database, reducing the amount of information translated to the memory of the application. 
  • Build Code-Free Workflows:  Users can create end-to-end workflows without a sophisticated knowledge of programming using the platform’s visual designer interface. They can complete each stage of the workflow, from connecting to data sources to producing visualizations in a unified drag-and-drop environment.  
  • Advanced Analytics: Users tap into the most sophisticated analytics options on the market today, like AI, machine learning and predictive modeling. Insights go deeper and business intelligence is increased more by using high-level analytics to make decisions.  

Industry Expertise

RapidMiner came to market in 2007, and has built a commercial and open-source user base more than 475,000 strong since. It has clients in all industries, including manufacturing, travel, health care and e-commerce.

Key Features

  • Visual Workflow Designer: Studio provides a drag-and-drop, singular interface for creating an end-to-end analytic workflow, requiring little coding.  
  • Data Visualization: It has an internal framework for producing more than 30 interactive data visualizations, with the capability to add more. Data can be explored and drilled down into and users can digest trends and patterns easier. 
  • Data Management: Users can connect to more than 40 file types, as well as scrape data from URLs, NoSQL databases, business applications and cloud storage. The platform allows for the ingesting, loading and storing of this data, and the Turbo Prep app allows for streamlined preparation. 
  • Automatic Modeling and Validation: Models can be deployed without coding. Models can be automatically generated and compared to similar models to predict the best possible direction for a project to take. 
  • Apache Integration: RapidMiner Radoop is a user-friendly interface for connecting and utilizing Apache Hadoop for distributed analytics and scaling, without having to program in Spark. Users can increase their processing limits and tap into advanced processes like machine learning without leaving the RapidMiner interface. 
  • Data Preparation: The Turbo Prep feature presents a user interface for data preparation, giving users an in-depth view of the dataset at each step. Users can cleanse, blend and wrangle data. Changes are made in real time, and are visible in pivot table. 


Some of the product limitations include:
  •  It offers only annual and pay-as-you-go billing, with no monthly option 
  •  Studio does not offer native support for geo-spatial data analysis 

RapidMiner Suite Support

RapidMiner offers a robust support network of more than 450,000 community users due to its open-source nature. It also offers traditional support tickets, fulfilled by the customer success team and requiring account credentials, and a chatbot.
mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not provided.
phonePhone: Phone support is not provided.
schoolTraining: The vendor’s documentation website offers tutorials and reference materials. An online training program offers self-paced training or live training with an expert, with a certification test.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a support ticket through the vendor’s website. They log in with credentials, then fill out a form. Support tickets are addressed 24x7 with varying response times based on severity of the issue.
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