Benefits and Insights

Why use Rapid Insight Veera?

Key differentiators & advantages of Rapid Insight Veera

  • Integrate data from disparate sources and formats Effortlessly bring together data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, databases, text files and cloud sources. 
  • Integrate, aggregate and transform your data for predictive modeling and analysis Whether you want to generate a weekly report, perform a complex ad hoc analysis, or create an analytic dataset, Veera makes the process extremely efficient. Use your data to answer questions as quickly as you can ask them. 
  • Facilitate data-driven decisions By enabling you to create a visual process that maps your data from input to output, Veera ensures you can easily explain the results of your analysis. The result is that you can make decisions with confidence. 
  • Powerful Veera offers a simple solution for working with data from any sources, including Excel, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Hadoop, MySQL, Oracle, SAS, SPSS, HP Vertica, SalesForce, Teradata, Aster, and text files.  
  • Simple Veera’s user friendly, drag and drop interface for building analytic processes enables users of all abilities to quickly produce reports, perform ad hoc analysis, and create analytic datasets. - Proven Veera is being used by hundreds of organizations for data blending, reporting, and preparing datasets for predictive modeling.