Benefits and Insights

Why use Qlik Sense?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qlik Sense

  • Ease of Use: Build analytics with drag-and-drop simplicity, with an intuitive interface and AI-powered engine to help users of all technical skill levels glean insights from their data.
  • Improve Data Literacy: Foster a data-driven culture to allow all employees to speak the language of data. Build collective knowledge, make decisions together and communicate insights to others. Encourage data-empowered decision-making and develop a data-savvy workforce. Innovative Engine: Break free of the traditional limits of SQL or query-based analysis. Engage in interactive, free-form exploration through the Qlik platform’s associate engine. 
  • Insights at the Speed of Thought: Take in information at-a-glance and probe insights on-the-fly, unencumbered by slow queries, with data sets updated instantly with every click.
  • AI-Powered Decision-Making: Choose from recommended courses of action prescribed by AI that learns user behavior. Utilize relevant, contextual insights.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Deploy it anywhere — on-premise, in a single private cloud or across multiple clouds and everything in between — with the ongoing freedom to modify the infrastructure as business requirements change.
  • Scalability: Rapidly or gradually scale both vertically and horizontally with complete, governed control through enterprise-class, modular architecture. Enable massive growth in users and data volume without compromising performance, response times, reliability or security. Deploy consistent, predictable self-service BI at scale — start with Business and seamlessly upgrade to Enterprise as business needs evolve.
  • Boosts Collaboration: Work together and share insights directly both within and outside of the Qlik platform for enhanced internal and external communication.
  • Mobility: Access all features anywhere on any device, with the same functionality, either through a responsive HTML5 based client that adapts to web and mobile browsers or the native mobile app. Ensure a consistent, unrestricted user experience of self-service BI on-the-go.
  • Value-Added Products: Add extra features such as conversational analytics, data indexing, location-based analytics and more through value-added products like Qlik NPrinting, Qlik Big Data Index, Qlik Insight Bot, Qlik DataMarket and Qlik GeoAnalytics.
  • Modernization Program: Upgrade from QlikView seamlessly and cost effectively, unlocking significant business value, more control over the platform and future-proofing for the digital age.
  • Free Trials and Demos: Try Qlik Sense Business with a free 30-day trial, or download one of the many demos that showcase use applications available on the Qlik website.

Industry Expertise

Qlik helps transform business data into actionable insights for over 50,000 customers in more than 100 countries across the world. Their industry solutions span a wide range of expertise that includes healthcare, retail, financial services, marketing, sales, manufacturing, the public sector, high tech, energy, communications, utilities, life sciences and consumer products.

Key Features

  • Data Connectivity: Acquire holistic BI visibility by pulling and combining data from all sources, including databases, files, spreadsheets, websites, sources that connect through standard ODBC, OLE DB or REST APIs, Big Data lakes, cloud-based and on-premise applications and custom sources. Supports native integrations with popular technology partners, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake Salesforce and SAP. To import data from sources not supported via built-in connectivity, search the Qlik Market for additional connectors developed by Qlik Partners.
  • Find Relationships in Data: Combine data in limitless ways and index every relationship within data sets through the associative engine. Uncover otherwise hidden insights and connections between data points without needing to fully clean and model data in advance.
  • Self-Service Data Discovery: Load, merge and visualize data, then explore and analyze it freely in any direction without boundaries. Interact with smart visualizations and objects that are all selectable and clickable, allowing for search, drill-down, zoom out and filter actions.
  • Data Visualizations: Transform information from complex data sets into beautiful, digestible visualizations. Choose from a wide range of interactive charts, tables and graphics such as scattergrams, maps, bar graphs, pie charts and many more.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Design and distribute dashboards on which every element is interactive, encouraging viewers to dive in and explore data for themselves.
  • Augmented Intelligence: Amplify human intuition through machine learning for a smarter, accelerated analytics experience. Receive automated context-aware insight suggestions, prioritized based on personalized criteria, as well as recommended visualization types. Uses machine learning to gather information from user behavior and feedback, community trends and industry knowledge, allowing it to adapt for the future.
  • Custom & Embedded Analytics: Extend the platform’s capabilities with a diverse offering of pre-built, certified and developer solutions. Develop, customize and embed analytics apps, visualizations and extensions through open APIs. 
  • Collaborative Storytelling: Convert insights into shareable, interactive data stories that leverage live data, time-based snapshots and engaging visual effects. Capture and share these dashboards within the enterprise community, contributing to the organization’s collective intelligence.
  • Qlik Insight Bot: Make queries and discover insights through natural language processing and conversational analytics with a value-added product that integrates seamlessly with many favorite messaging and collaboration tools like Slack, Salesforce, Skype and MIcrosoft Teams. Ask the bot a question and instantly receive relevant visualizations, insights, recommendations and links.
  • Qlik NPrinting: Quickly design, publish and share reports in popular formats like Microsoft Office and PDFs. Drag and drop visualizations from Qlik Sense apps to create reports in any format, then schedule and customize them for delivery via email, shared folders or a centralized digital hub.
  • Mobile App: Optimizes the mobile experience for iOS and Android devices with additional features for both online and offline access to analytics. Delivers the same experience as the desktop version, enhanced with responsive design and gesture-based touch interactions. View insights and create visualizations on-the-go with touch-based drag-and-drop, unlocking a whole new world of mobile BI possibilities.

Suite Support

Before submitting a ticket, search the Qlik community and support documents knowledge base to see if the problem has been resolved before. If the problem persists or a solution cannot be found, request assisted support by submitting a case through the Support Portal case wizard.

Can upgrade to Enterprise Support, which provides 24/7 coverage for critical issues, priority case handling and guidance on releases and upgrades. Qlik also offers consulting services to help their clients maximize the value of their solutions with service packages that assist them in business practices, installation, security, implementation, project management and more.

mail_outlineEmail: Cannot email Qlik support directly. Instead, submit a case in the Support Portal.
phonePhone: For critical issues, call 1-877-754-5843 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday EST.
schoolTraining: Learn about the platform via an onboarding “Get Started” step-by-step guide for new users. On the help site, find detailed product documentation and help guides, help videos and demos. Accessible through the self-paced Qlik Continuous Classroom learning platform are online courses that use on-demand video learning, hands-on exercises and more both for free and for a fee. Additionally, the vendor offers instructor-led training at a public classroom or privately at an office, virtual instructor-led courses taught in virtual classrooms via cloud-based technologies and private training. Developers can also pursue specialized Custom Application Training with a learning consultant and instructional designer, customized training videos and a best practices launch kit to increase user adoption.
local_offerTickets: For access or website issues, or issues with Qlik Sense Cloud, submit cases as a guest. Any other issues, log in first to the support portal and then submit a case.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • License fees include an upfront fee to own the software, plus IP for a fixed term, installation, customization and integration costs
  • Enterprise Edition is offered on-premise and is based on a token system
  • Based on a combination of server, user, document and application-based licensing
  • Based on recurring subscription-based model: $X per user, per month
Cost may vary depending on the Qlik Sense Pricing plan selected:
  • Cloud Basic, Cloud Business, Desktop, Enterprise Edition or Personal Edition
Maintenance Cost
On-Premise: Maintenance cost is over and above the upfront fee
Cloud-Based/SaaS: Maintenance cost is included in the service fees charged at the time of purchase
Installation/Implementation Cost
On-Premise: Included in the upfront cost/subscription cost
Cloud-Based/SaaS: None
Customization Cost
For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS, customization costs vary depending on the product and pricing tier chosen, and the level of customization requiredCosts will vary depending on the package selected
Recurring/Renewal Costs
On-Premise: Annual recurring fees to be paid over and above the upfront cost include annual renewal, upgrades and ongoing support
Cloud-Based/SaaS: A recurring monthly fee is charged, which typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training and support

Qlik Sense Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

1092 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Data Analysis: About 81% of users who reviewed the solution for this feature said that it enables analyses of all kinds, including deeper analysis.
  • Data Visualization: Of those who reviewed the platform’s data viz capabilities. about 77% were satisfied with its responsive, interactive visualizations.
  • Data Management: Approximately 70% of users who reviewed the tool’s data prep and data management features, especially its data modeling, found them powerful and useful.
  • Ease of Use: In terms of its ease of use, about 70% of users who mentioned usability in their reviews said that it’s generally user-friendly.
  • Speed: In regards to the solution’s performance, about 77% of users who reviewed the platform said it’s remarkably fast.
  • Accessibility: About 94% of users said it offers good cross-platform web accessibility, in reviews that discussed it.


  • Customization: About 86% of users who mentioned this feature said that the tool offers extremely limited options for customization and formatting.
  • Functionality: Of users reviewing the tool’s functionality, about 84% said that it lacks many features, and is overly dependent on plug-ins.
  • Sharing: Around 78% of users who reviewed its sharing capabilities said that it struggles with exports and collaboration tools.
  • Training: Referencing a high learning curve, about 85% of users say that the training available for the platform is insufficient.
  • Security: About 90% of users reviewing its security features said that it’s limited and difficult to configure in this area.
  • Cost: Regarding pricing, about 86% of users found this tool expensive and its licensing model limiting.

Researcher's Summary:

Qlik Sense is a powerful cloud-based BI application, capable of performing analytics both quickly and insightfully. Its most notable differentiator is its associative engine and in-memory processing, which enable remarkably fast queries and analyses, praised by many users. Most users expressed satisfaction with its data analysis and data visualization functions, citing the tool’s ability to unearth deep connections between data points and display them in interactive, responsive ways, accessible from all devices. It excels in connecting to large data sets especially, as noted by several reviewers, though some said that it struggles with “dirty” or unstructured data. Featuring drag-and-drop functionality, the platform is overall user-friendly, though some reviewers noted that it’s still less simple to use than some competitors’ solutions, and that writing script and queries can be difficult. In this regard, while a strong analysis tool overall, it does have a high learning curve to unlock its more powerful features; this can be difficult for users to overcome due to a lack of good training material, especially videos. As such, this tool may be best suited for businesses with IT resources.

The platform struggles with functionality and customization in particular - many users remarked that there aren’t many in-house visualization options and that customizing visualizations is difficult or impossible. The solution lacks a number of desired features, depending on plug-ins from the older QlikView offering to add functionality, but these plug-ins can incur additional costs or sometimes lack compatibility with Qlik Sense. In addition to the necessary costs of these plug-ins, users found that the pricing models are restrictive, potentially more cost-effective for a larger business than small to medium-sized business. Security is one feature that some users found difficult to configure, with a lack of version control. It also lacks smooth collaboration tools and a way to add comments or context to data, with users noting difficulties in exporting information to share with others or use in presentations.

Overall, even with its drawbacks, Qlik Sense is an extremely capable platform that offers a myriad of fast and powerful data analysis and visualization capabilities worth consideration.

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