Benefits and Insights

Why use Qlik Sense?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qlik Sense

  • Ease of Use: Drag-and-drop simplicity makes building analytics a breeze, while an intuitive interface and an AI-powered engine helps users of all technical skill levels glean insights from their data.
  • Improve Data Literacy: The platform empowers all users to speak the language of data. By fostering a data-driven culture, it can help employees build knowledge, make decisions and communicate insights to others, encouraging them to be more confident with data and become a more data-savvy workforce.
  • Innovative Engine: Compared to most analytics tools on the market currently that limit users to SQL or query-based analysis, the Qlik platform is built on an associative engine, designed specifically for interactive, free-form exploration and analysis of data without restrictions, limitations or boundaries.
  • Insights at the Speed of Thought: The associative engine updates data sets instantly with every click and probes insights on-the-fly, unencumbered by slow queries, allowing users to analyze as fast as they can think.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The platform helps users make better data-informed decisions by recommending courses of action and learning from user behavior to provide relevant, contextual insights. It enables users to make these decisions with the confidence that they are backed by data and AI.
  • Deployment Options: Qlik offers flexibility with its platform agnostic architecture that can deploy anywhere — on-premise, in a single private cloud or across multiple clouds and everything in between with ongoing freedom of choice, allowing users to modify their infrastructure as their requirements change.
  • Scalability: Qlik Sense’s enterprise-class, modular architecture allows for rapid or gradual scaling both vertically and horizontally with complete, governed control. Its technology supports massive growth in users and data volume without compromising performance, response times, reliability or security, allowing enterprises to deploy consistent, predictable self-service BI at scale. Users can get started in Qlik Sense Business and seamlessly upgrade to Enterprise as their business needs evolve.
  • Boosts Collaboration: Users can work with each other and share insights directly within and outside of the Qlik platform for enhanced internal and external communication.
  • Mobility: Built to inherently run on any device with the same functionality, Qlik Sense provides access to all features anywhere on devices that move around. Users can access it through a responsive HTML5 based client that adapts to web and mobile browsers, or via the mobile app, ensuring a consistent, unrestricted user experience of self-service BI on-the-go.
  • Value-Added Products: Qlik offers value-added products, available on Qlik Sense Enterprise subscriptions for additional cost: Qlik NPrinting, Qlik Big Data Index, Qlik Insight Bot, Qlik DataMarket and Qlik GeoAnalytics. These add-ons deliver extra functions that make users’ investments in BI go even further, like conversational analytics, data indexing, location-based analytics, advanced reporting and distribution and external data access.
  • Modernization Program: Qlik has a licensing offer for existing QlikView customers to seamlessly and cost effectively adopt Qlik Sense, unlocking significant business value, more control over the platform and future-proofing for the digital age.
  • Free Trials and Demos: Prospective clients can try Qlik Sense Business with a free 30-day trial, or download one of the many demos that showcase use applications available on the Qlik website.

Industry Expertise

Qlik helps transform business data into actionable insights for over 50,000 customers in more than 100 countries across the world. Their industry solutions span a wide range of expertise that includes healthcare, retail, financial services, marketing, sales, manufacturing, the public sector, high tech, energy, communications, utilities, life sciences and consumer products.

Key Features

  • Data Connectivity: The platform enables holistic BI visibility by pulling and combining data from all sources, including databases, files, spreadsheets, websites, sources that connect through standard ODBC, OLE DB or REST APIs, Big Data lakes, cloud-based and on-premise applications and custom sources. It has native integrations with popular technology partners, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon Web Services, Snowflake Salesforce and SAP. Users looking to import data from sources not supported via built-in connectivity can search the Qlik Market for additional connectors developed by Qlik Partners.
  • Finds Relationships in Data: The associative engine combines data in limitless ways from any source and indexes every relationship within data sets, helping users uncover otherwise hidden insights and connections between their data points. There’s no need to fully clean and model data in advance.
  • Self-Service Data Discovery: Users can load, merge and visualize their data, then explore and analyze it freely in any direction without boundaries. Visualizations and objects are all smart, interactive, selectable and clickable, allowing for search, drill-down, zoom out and filter actions that help users follow their curiosity and dig deeper.
  • Data Visualizations: Through a range of interactive charts, tables and graphics, users can easily transform insights from complex data sets into beautiful, digestible visualizations. Some examples of the options the solution offers are scattergrams, maps, bar graphs, pie charts and many more.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Users can create and distribute dashboards on which every element is interactive, encouraging users to dive in and explore data for themselves.
  • Augmented Intelligence: Qlik calls their AI “Augmented Intelligence” because it amplifies human intuition through machine learning for a smarter, accelerated analytics experience. Qlik Sense delivers automated context-aware insight suggestions, prioritizes based on personalized criteria and recommends visualization types. It also utilizes machine learning to gather information from user behavior and feedback, community trends and industry knowledge, allowing it to adapt for the future.
  • Custom & Embedded Analytics: An open infrastructure allows for a diverse offering of pre-built, certified and developer solutions to extend the platform’s capabilities. The complete set of open APIs also enables users to develop, customize and embed their own analytics apps, visualizations and extensions. 
  • Collaborative Storytelling: Qlik Sense allows users to turn their insights into shareable data stories for enhanced collaboration. Storytelling becomes interactive with live data, time-based snapshots and engaging visual effects. These dashboards can be captured and shared within the enterprise community, contributing to the organization’s collective intelligence.
  • Qlik Insight Bot: Users can make queries and discover insights through natural language processing and conversational analytics. Available as a value-added product, Qlik Insight Bot lives in Qlik Sense and integrates seamlessly within many favorite messaging and collaboration tools like Slack, Salesforce, Skype and Microsoft Teams. When users ask the bot a question, it will instantly return relevant visualizations, insights, recommendations and links, enabling faster and more accurate decisions.
  • Qlik NPrinting: Also available as a value-added product, users can quickly design, publish and share reports in popular formats like Microsoft Office and PDFs. Users can drag and drop visualizations from Qlik Sense apps to create reports in any format they need, which can be scheduled and customized for delivery via email, shared folders or a centralized digital hub.
  • Mobile App: Qlik Sense Mobile is a native app for iOS and Android that optimizes the mobile experience with additional features for both online and offline access to analytics. Because it’s the same application as the desktop app, users can rest assured that they will receive the same experience on mobile devices, enhanced with responsive design and gesture-based touch interactions. They can not only view insights but also create visualizations on-the-go with touch-based drag-and-drop, unlocking a whole new world of mobile BI possibilities.

Suite Support

All subscribers can browse and start discussions in the Qlik Community, full of over 60,000 experts and members around the world, as well as access their personalized support portal and knowledge library at any time. Users can upgrade their basic support plan to Enterprise Support, which provides 24/7 coverage for critical issues, priority case handling and guidance on releases and upgrades.

Qlik also offers consulting services to help their clients maximize the value of their solutions with service packages that assist them in business practices, installation, security, implementation, project management and more.

mail_outlineEmail:Users do not email Qlik support directly. They can reach support by submitting a case on the Support Portal.
phonePhone: Users experiencing critical issues may contact support by phone. The phone number for North America users is 1-877-754-5843 with business hours from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday EST. Phone numbers for support in other regions are available on the Qlik support website.
schoolTraining: There is an onboarding “Get Started” step-by-step guide for new users to learn about using the platform. On the Qlik Help site, users can find detailed product documentation and help guides, help videos and demos. Qlik also offers live and on-demand webinars through their Qlik Insider program that showcase new features and platform best practices. Qlik subscribers receive access to the self-paced Qlik Continuous Classroom learning platform, which offers online courses that use on-demand video learning, hands-on exercises and more both for free and for a fee. Additionally, Qlik offers instructor-led training at a public classroom or privately at an office, virtual instructor-led courses taught in virtual classrooms via cloud-based technologies and private training. Users can also pursue specialized Custom Application Training with a learning consultant and instructional designer, customized training videos and a best practices launch kit to increase user adoption.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users should search the Qlik community and support documents knowledge base to see if their problem has been resolved before. If the problem persists or if users can’t find a solution, they can request assisted support by submitting a case through the Support Portal case wizard. Users can submit cases for login/access or website issues or issues with Qlik Sense Cloud as a guest, while users with any other issues must login first to submit their case.

Cost of Ownership

License/Subscription Cost
  • License fees include an upfront fee to own the software, plus IP for a fixed term, installation, customization and integration costs
  • Enterprise Edition is offered on-premise and is based on a token system
  • Based on a combination of server, user, document and application-based licensing
  • Based on recurring subscription-based model: $X per user, per month
Cost may vary depending on the Qlik Sense Pricing plan selected:
  • Cloud Basic, Cloud Business, Desktop, Enterprise Edition or Personal Edition
Maintenance Cost
On-Premise: Maintenance cost is over and above the upfront fee
Cloud-Based/SaaS: Maintenance cost is included in the service fees charged at the time of purchase
Installation/Implementation Cost
On-Premise: Included in the upfront cost/subscription cost
Cloud-Based/SaaS: None
Customization Cost For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS, customization costs vary depending on the product and pricing tier chosen, and the level of customization requiredCosts will vary depending on the package selected
Recurring/Renewal Costs
On-Premise: Annual recurring fees to be paid over and above the upfront cost include annual renewal, upgrades and ongoing support
Cloud-Based/SaaS: A recurring monthly fee is charged, which typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training and support

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