Benefits and Insights

Why use Qlik Sense?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qlik Sense

  • Create a Data Literate Workforce: The intuitive interface and associative engine offered by this business analytics platform make data exploration and analysis easy, improving your workforce’s confidence and literacy with data.
  • Continually Improving Relevance: The associative engine uses machine learning to continuously update and learn from previous interactions between users and the software. This helps the system respond better and more quickly to queries each time it's used.
  • Innovative Engine: Another benefit of the associative engine interface is the ability for users to perform free-form exploration and analysis on their data sets. This improves the likelihood of discovering unexpected insights and allows even the least tech-savvy employees to perform advanced data analysis.
  • Data-Driven Decisions and Storytelling: Collaborate with other users and share insights directly within the Qlik platform. Users can move between data stories and live analysis to answer questions and make speedy, data-driven decisions.
  • Draw Insights From Proprietary Data: This platform draws data from a range of sources so users can analyze it and draw insights into business operations and break practices.

Industry Expertise

Qlik Sense is beneficial to any organization that collects data to improve its business practices. Some of this product’s specialties include healthcare, retail, financial services, manufacturing, public sector, high tech, energy, communications, utilities, life sciences and consumer products.

Key Features

  • Data Exploration: All data relationships are indexed through the associative engine so that users can explore in all directions. Visualizations offer drill-down, allowing users to zoom out or dig deeper into data with simple scrolling or point-and-click actions.
  • AI Recommendations: Artificial intelligence helps users find potential connections or patterns in and between data sets. It also offers recommended visualization types, so users get the most useful visualization possible to display their data.
  • Centralized Hub: Users can search, share and collaborate on previously created visualizations within the solution.
  • Open APIs: An open infrastructure allows users to embed and customize the software to meet their specific requirements.
  • Intuitive Analytics and Visualizations: Through a range of interactive graphics, users can easily interpret and draw insights from complex data sets. Some examples of the visualization options this software offers are scattergrams, maps, bar graphs, pie charts and many more.
  • Smart Search: Natural query language searches allow users to perform flexible, natural search functions to explore data sets.


Some of the product limitations include:
  • Does not provide built-in data security
  • Does not offer powerful reporting functionality, and requires additional macros for better automation
  • Does not provide drag-and-drop functionality
  • Limited customization; does not allow users to build their own charts
  • Contains limited visualization features that need to be upgraded; customization of visual objects is limited
  • Does not support data governance capabilities

Qlik Sense Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users do not email Qlik support directly. All tickets are submitted through the support portal. To get an email from Qlik about purchasing its products, customers can submit a contact request through the contact page on Qlik's website.
phonePhone: Users do not call Qlik support directly. Tickets are submitted through the support portal on the help page. To speak to a sales representative, users can call this number: 1 (866) 616-4960.
schoolTraining: Subscribers get access to a range of training materials through Qlik’s training page. Some are free, including resource documents, videos, tutorials and forums. Users can also sign up for additional training courses through Qlik Continuous Classroom or request a custom training session. These options come with a fee.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users should search the Qlik community and support documents knowledge base to see if the problem has been resolved before. If the problem persists or if users can’t find a solution, the support portal will walk clients through the process of getting help from Qlik’s support team.

Cost of Ownership for Qlik Sense

License/Subscription Cost
  • License fees include an upfront fee to own the software, plus IP for a fixed term, installation, customization and integration costs
  • Enterprise Edition is offered on-premise and is based on a token system
  • Based on a combination of server, user, document and application-based licensing
  • Based on recurring subscription-based model: $X per user, per month
Cost may vary depending on the Qlik Sense Pricing plan selected:
  • Cloud Basic, Cloud Business, Desktop, Enterprise Edition or Personal Edition
Maintenance Cost
On-Premise: Maintenance cost is over and above the upfront fee
Cloud-Based/SaaS: Maintenance cost is included in the service fees charged at the time of purchase
Installation/Implementation Cost
On-Premise: Included in the upfront cost/subscription cost
Cloud-Based/SaaS: None
Customization Cost For both on-premise and cloud-based/SaaS, customization costs vary depending on the product and pricing tier chosen, and the level of customization requiredCosts will vary depending on the package selected
Recurring/Renewal Costs
On-Premise: Annual recurring fees to be paid over and above the upfront cost include annual renewal, upgrades and ongoing support
Cloud-Based/SaaS: A recurring monthly fee is charged, which typically includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, training and support
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Qlik Sense Reviews

The following reviews for Qlik Sense are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

5000 - 9999
Software Advice
- 2nd generation associative in-memory (QIX) engine. - Robust data curation and wrangling capabilities - Self-service analytics with drag and drop user interface - Auto responsive to the resolution of web page or device. - Very good performance and complete integration with web technologies. - Open sourced API libraries. - Highest level of data security at the row and column level. - Very good community support. - Supports hybrid architecture with one single license.
- Not suitable for all real-time use cases. - No advanced visualizations are inbuilt in the product.
Healthcare / Social Services
500 - 999
Software Advice
Ability to connect to multiple data sources, very easy to create powerful data models. Many powerful visualizations to choose from (Pivot charts, trend lines, funnels, etc)
Lacks the design flexibility and some of the features that are available for Qlik View
10000 - 24999
Software Advice
1. It is self service BI tool, ease to use. 2. It has both ETL and Data Viz layer 3. Business user with structure data can quickly create dashboards out of it and share with others 4.It supports sending static reports through NPrinitng and embedding to another web application through Mash up.
1. It needs to add more visualization capability. 2. NPrinting development needs to be easy and less time consuming.
Overall I like this tool. I have worked on both QlikView which is a guided analytic tool and Qlik Sense which is a self service tool. Both has pros and cons.
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