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  • Dynamic dashboards - Click on charts, dials, scorecards and infographics to connect with KPIs. Chuck clumsy spreadsheets forever. 
  • Early alerts - Catch KPI outliers fast with eye-catching warnings and alerts. 
  • Click-through navigation - Drill down through organizational levels from CEO to agent. Reach the root cause of a problem in seconds. 
  • Customizable views and reports Slice and dice data to create tightly focused reports. 
  • Role-based security - Distribute them to whomever you want. You control access. 
  • Fresh data - Rely on QeyMetrics to deliver metrics updated daily, hourly, as often as you need, 7 days a week. 
  • Browser-based and mobile-friendly - Log onto QeyMetrics through any browser, anywhere, anytime, on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 
  • Unlimited users, unlimited metrics - Add more of either anytime. 
  • Fast start-up - Begin using QeyMetrics in less than 30 days, via SaaS or a premise-based license. 
  • Set IT free - With minimal support and maintenance, users can access all the data they need on their own.
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