Benefits and Insights

Why use Informatica PowerCenter?

Key differentiators & advantages of Informatica PowerCenter

  • Perform Self-Service Analytics: Agile processes offer users of all technical levels access to business intelligence, and role-based tools provide timely delivery of data. A codeless interface delivers a palette of pre-built graphical tools and transformations to make it easy for users to perform tasks.
  • Connect to Data Anywhere: Data connectors seamlessly integrate with all types of sources to draw data from where it lives to the organization’s database. It supports grid computing, adaptive load balancing, pushdown optimization, dynamic partitioning and distributed processing to maintain high availability.
  • Get Data Quickly: Advanced data connectors and a powerful data integration platform deliver cleaned and structured data to analysts quickly and efficiently.
  • Scale As You Grow: The solution is designed to support growing data volumes and varying datasources to offer enterprise scalability.
  • Gain Operational Confidence: Builds business value, establishes competitive differentiation and provides visibility into your organization. Alerts notify managers of unexpected or unauthorized behaviors, protecting the organization’s data.
  • Support Data Integration Lifecycle: Start data projects off right and ensure mission success with this enterprise-grade data management solution.

Industry Expertise

Informatica PowerCenter serves government agencies, the banking and capital sectors, healthcare, higher education, insurance providers, life sciences, retail, manufacturing and utilities.

Key Features

  • Prototyping, Profiling and Validation: Collaboration with IT is easy as the system provides speedy prototyping, accurate profiling and efficient validation.
  • Automated Data Validation Testing: Perform repeatable audits and data transformation using script-free automated production environments.
  • Governance Insight: Monitor coding best practices by setting alerts to trigger when thresholds are met to prevent theft, hacks and data leaks.
  • Advanced Data Transformation: Offers comprehensive parsing for XML, PDF, JSON, Microsoft Suite and IoT sourced non-relational data.
  • Real-Time Data Analytics: Updates data in real-time to increase operational efficiency and provide accurate, timely analysis.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Seamlessly connects to cloud applications.

Informatica PowerCenter Suite Support

Support comes in three tiers — basic, premium and signature. Basic offers support during local business hours, premium adds 24/7 support to priority one cases and signature provides support for all cases all the time.

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support, but they can submit a contact request through the web form on the “contact us” tab on their website.
phonePhone: For North America support, call 1-877-463-2435. To find other global contact numbers, visit the contact page.
schoolTraining: Informatica University is an online learning resource that offers eLearning, video tutorials, an on-demand course catalog, instructor-led classes and on-site training. Many third parties also offer certification courses.
local_offerTickets: To open a support ticket, users can call, submit a contact request or log in to their user portal and request support.
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