Benefits and Insights

Why use Endeca?

Key differentiators & advantages of Endeca

  • Quickly Navigate Customized Search Results: Users can make SQL faceted searches of the retailer’s datasets using a combination of attributes rather than first selecting a subcategory (for example, “Men’s clothing”) and narrowing their search manually.
  • Insight Into Visitor Data: The search engine collects customer data on behavior, demographics, spending and more to give users insights into their customer base so they can better serve their clients.
  • Control of Customer Experience: The Guided Search and Experience Manager modules allow users to manage their customers’ experience as they navigate through product searches. This prevents dead ends and lets customers tailor related items to their searches. Users can also customize landing pages and merchandising options.
  • Intelligence-Augmented Guided Search: The solution uses sentiment analysis to extract meaning from concepts when users search, helping them find what they’re looking for even if they aren’t sure what that is exactly.
  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface: A user-friendly UI makes it easy for users to customize their clients’ experience on the backend without excessive coding.
  • Easy Integration: An adaptive semantic metadata layer makes it easy to incorporate business definitions from other existing BI tools into Endeca. This provides continuity and easy integration between systems.

Industry Expertise

Endeca is designed specifically for e-commerce providers, but many industries utilize the solution. Some examples include retail, distribution, manufacturing, media and government organizations.

Key Features

  • Advanced Data Management: This tool can handle large or complex datasets that are diverse and find connections that are relevant to the searcher.
  • Guided Navigation: The system leads users along a path through categories to help them narrow their search, showing relevant dimensions. It aims to aid in self-discovery of data and will never send a user to a dead end with no results; instead it will offer relevant related items.
  • MDEX: The core of Endeca hosts the search index and facilitates faceted searches. It is both schema- and state-less, meaning it can store data and user behavior without prior knowledge of that data or user.
  • Data Connectors: The solution can integrate data from a variety of structured and unstructured datasets into a single cohesive data warehouse. A range of data connectors are available to facilitate these integrations.
  • Intelligent Search: An advanced intelligence search feature draws instant answers from your data through rapidly identifying relevant concepts and comparing them to your search.
  • Text Enrichment: This feature can draw concepts from unstructured text data and behavioral patterns to extract new meaning from a range of sources.
  • Interactive Visualizations: Users can visualize and contextualize data to uncover root causes behind issues, identify exceptions to those causes, and explore new concepts or trends.

Endeca Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email Oracle Support directly. They must sign into their account and submit a ticket.
phonePhone: Users in the United States can call 1.800.223.1711 to get in touch with support. For other regions, visit their global contacts page.
schoolTraining: Clients can access Endeca certification courses through Oracle University as well as a variety of third-party providers, both for an additional fee. Users can also access the Oracle Support Community which offers a resource library with videos, webinars, tutorials and other training materials.
local_offerTickets: To access 24/7 technical assistance, users should login to their Oracle Support account and open a service request. Before doing so, they are encouraged to search their issue in the Oracle Support Community, a digital library that provides articles, videos, whitepapers, forums and many additional Oracle resources that can help many customers resolve their problems without waiting for the support team.
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