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Why use Oracle Analytics Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Oracle Analytics Cloud

  • Customized Responses: The personalized search feature offers responses tailor-made to the user’s query to answer specific business questions they have.
  • Discover Data Trends: The brushing feature highlights correlations between data points when displaying information in the form of visualizations. This feature works across visualizations and updates in unison, so users always have current information.
  • Conversational Analytics: Using natural language queries, users can ask questions of the analytics process in the way you’d speak normally. It automatically generates natural language explanations of analysis to explain visualizations and trends. Chatbots offer guidance across datasets to improve data literacy, allowing non-technical users to interact intimately with data.
  • What-If Scenarios: This solution offers what-if modeling to help users make accurate predictions and forecasts. It uses a native multidimensional analysis engine called Oracle Essbase to develop complex business models.
  • Collaboration: Users can share content in real time with other employees, shareholders, contractors and more with the collaboration features offered by this solution. The system will prompt the user with sharing opportunities, facilitating discussions that are stored alongside the visualization that spawned them.
  • Machine Learning: Through machine learning algorithms, the solution can autonomously identify patterns and trends, then create the best visualization for the dataset. It helps generate narratives to immerse users in the significance of data.

Industry Expertise

Oracle serves any business that needs to collect, analyze and visualize their proprietary data in order to make more informed, fact-driven business decisions.

Key Features

  • Data Preparation: The system structures a range of data types, cleans the data sets and prepares them for analysis with functions like clustering, forecasting and anomaly detection. It also recommends the best way to cleanse, enrich and combine data to eliminate outliers and generate cohesive recommended visualizations.
  • Data Connectors: Users can choose from over 45 data connectors to draw data from a huge range of data warehouses, databases and big data sources into a single interface. It includes drag-and-drop data blending between self-retrieved and proprietary data.
  • Visualizations: The solution auto-creates visualizations from data provided from a selection of 35 different options including charts, graphs, scattergrams and more. There are over 20 downloadable add-ons if users find the base selection too limiting, as well as hundreds of third-party visualization options. It offers autonomous explanations of these visualizations while they are created, collaborated on and changed.
  • Predictive Analytics: Users have access to pre-built predictive analytics models to get a smooth head start on creating forecasts based on historical data. It also offers the ability to create custom models tailored to your unique needs.
  • Mobile: The native app for this solution is optimized to provide a consistent experience on any handheld device. It is designed for touch and multi-gestural interactions to let users interact with data in an intuitive way unique to mobile devices.
  • Embedded Analytics: This solution can also be embedded into other business software such as CRM through Javascript embedding. Users can embed visualizations, reports and dashboards directly into other applications.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email the support team directly. Users should contact support through the Oracle support portal.
phonePhone: Users can call phone support at 1 (800) 392-2999.
schoolTraining: The Oracle University portal offers a variety of training resources including learning subscriptions, training on demand, classroom training, live virtual classes, self-study courses, guided learning and private course events. Some are free, and others come with a fee.
local_offerTickets: Before submitting a ticket, users are encouraged to peruse the Oracle knowledge base for a solution to their issue. If they can’t find an answer in the documents, forums or videos there, users can submit a technical support ticket by following the prompts on the Oracle support portal.
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We chose Oracle Analytics Cloud Service to extend into and integrate with our existing big data analytics. With the help of Oracle Partner Vertice, this modern, agile, platform has enabled us to readily externalize our existing analytics and share insights with key customers.

We chose Oracle Analytics Cloud to help us both consolidate and then analyze management information at a group level, across our diverse portfolio. With the help of Oracle Partner Vertice, we will deliver more analytics at a Group and subsidiary level and further enhance our data-driven insights.

We are proud to implement Oracle Analytics Cloud. At first, we were reluctant to consider such a new concept, but once we saw its benefits u2013 such as scalability, cost effectiveness, and ability to deliver actionable insights from our data u2013 our decision was made.

We chose Oracle Analytics Cloud Service to help us leverage vast amounts of trip data for our customers around the world. With the help of Oracle Partner Vertice, we will deliver on-demand analytics, transforming taxi companies and other businesses in ground transportation into more data-driven organizations.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud, Enterprise, we aim to improve efficiency in decision making and have access to self-service analytics. With Oracle, we now have easier access to data from different sources across the enterprise — this flexible reporting framework will help us expand and scale our business.

Our goal is to transform computing by building technology in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and AI space. It is critical for us to have a reliable, efficient enterprise data warehouse so we can generate actionable insights in real time, which is why we chose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, and Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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