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Why use Logi Analytics?

Key differentiators & advantages of Logi Analytics

  • Tailored User Experiences: Tailor the solution with control over style and functionality via configurable features and code-level customization.
  • Integrated Security: Integrates with endpoint security systems to offer strong data protection through a blend of in-house and integrated security features at both the data and individual user level.
  • Scalable Design: Scales as the organization grows, with its design prioritizing flexibility. Deploys either on-premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two.
  • Embeddability: Make data available through pre-existing channels by embedding analytics, dashboards and reporting capabilities into existing applications such as CRMs or ERPs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Make more data-focused business decisions by gleaning actionable insights from data visualizations.
  • Collaboration: Share knowledge across the organization or with clients via multiple collaboration options, including email.

Industry Expertise

Some of Logi Analytics’s industry specialties include military, education, financial services, government, healthcare, automotive, hospitality, manufacturing, technology and more.

Key Features

  • Connected Data Sources: Connect to multiple internal and external data sources, including Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, NoSQL and more.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with multiple other platform types, services and data sources.
  • Low-Code Development: Develop and customize websites and applications easily.
  • Predictive Analytics: Implement predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms without using coding. Make projections on different variables by tweaking inputs to match business requirements.
  • Self-Service Analytics: Improves data literacy organization-wide by enabling data cleaning, analysis and visualization tasks without going through a data scientist.
  • Reports: Answer business questions and share information in-house or with clients by generating a range of pre-built or ad hoc reports.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Explore data in-depth by drilling down and examining intuitive visualizations via dashboards.
  • Export: Conveniently share information and collaborate by exporting charts in a variety of formats.

Suite Support

Logi Analytics offers a range of training and support options, including three different tiers of support: Budget, Standard and Premier. Access product documentation, community forums and customer support through the Logi DevNet support portal.

mail_outlineEmail: Find email support information within the support portal, available to subscribers only. Email [email protected] for questions regarding licensing or accessing the support portal.
phonePhone: Call 1-888-564-4965 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. E.S.T Monday through Friday.
schoolTraining: Access free resources such as video tutorials, white papers, documentation, the knowledge base and user forums within the DevNet portal. Paid training options include direct in-person instruction at Logi headquarters, guided remote training, or self-paced courses on the Logi Lab online system. For more information, email [email protected]
local_offerTickets: Submit a ticket through the support portal or submit a request through the designated Point-of-Contact person.

Logi Analytics Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

252 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Data Analysis: Reviewing its data analytics capabilities, approximately 88% of users praised the platform for its seamless embeddability and self-service ad-hoc analysis.
  • Data Visualization: Around 75% of users who mentioned data visualization said that the tool offers a rich library of visualizations and the ability to create scalable and interactive dashboards easily.
  • Functionality: Mentioning its functionality, approximately 71% of users said that it offers excellent out-of-the-box tools, with extensibility for developing tailored solutions for both web and mobile.
  • Ease of Use: Around 70% of users who reviewed ease of use said that the platform is quite intuitive for non-technical users, while still technical enough for coders to leverage its data analysis and presentation features.
  • Reporting: Reviewing its reporting capabilities, approximately 78% of users said its powerful Self-Service Module enables them to easily create and share reports.
  • Service and Support: Around 81% of users who mentioned the support team said that they were accessible, responsive and especially helpful in the onboarding process.


  • Training: Citing a steep learning curve because of its range of customizations and complexity of features, approximately 62% of users said that help documentation is inadequate.
  • Cost: Around 80% of users who mentioned cost said that licenses are getting pricier, with a lack of clarity on pricing changes.

Researcher's Summary:

Logi Analytics is a web-based business intelligence solution that connects to a range of data sources, both on-premise and in-cloud, to source and optimize business-specific data. Users who reviewed its functionality praised the solution for its out-of-the-box features and extensibility to create tailored business solutions. With a vast library of visualizations, the platform allows users to create scalable and interactive dashboards to power data-driven decisions. Though it offers multiple graphs and charting options, some users who mentioned visualization said that the tool needs better integration with advanced charts, maps and D3, among others. Around 78% of users who reviewed reporting said that they found it easy to create and share impactful reports with stakeholders, though some users reported that generating reports in PDF format was difficult. The tool is intuitive and easy to use, though users who reviewed its data preparation capabilities said that it requires programming skills to manage more complex visualizations.

The solution is not without its limitations though. Of users who reviewed its functionality, some said that the complexity of the tool can be overwhelming and some updates have resulted in broken features, requiring script rewrite. Around 62% of users who reviewed training said that that help documentation is lacking in best practices and use case samples for complicated data reporting scenarios. There were numerous complaints from users that the vendor’s apparent focus on introducing new add-ons translate into extra costs for them, while the core product — Logi Info — seems to have plateaued as far as new features and improvements go. Though SaaS-based businesses might find the pricing model workable, the platform can be cost prohibitive for many users due to rising licensing costs.

In summary, Logi Analytics is an excellent platform to create a high-end website or application, with powerful descriptive and predictive analytics, superior embeddability and big data integrations.

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