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Why use Klipfolio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Klipfolio

  • Faster Decisions: With a dashboarding tool that shows users meaningful KPIs first, the platform empowers faster and better data-driven decision making.
  • Ease of Use: Built on a simple architecture, users of all technical and data literacy levels can utilize this solution to quickly upload and analyze data with dashboards, no coding required.
  • Simplified Data Sets: Using a single data source, users can create a range of data visualizations, or can create a single visualization from a range of data sources. The solution uses raw data pulled directly into the dashboard, removing complicated organization and exploration steps.
  • Integration with BI Tools: Klipfolio doesn’t replace traditional enterprise BI tools like Tableau, Domo, Qlik, Looker and Microsoft Power BI, but rather enhances the data they hold to make analytics reporting and visualization easier.
  • Holistic BI: Through data connectivity and data merging, users can obtain a more comprehensive view of their business metrics across data sources and their brand’s performance on social media, all collected and displayed in one place.
  • Data Visibility: This platform offers visibility into business data via real-time dashboards and reports. Users get an up-to-date understanding of what’s going on in their businesses through this feature.
  • Analytics On-the-Go: Unlike on-premise solutions, users can retrieve their data from Klipfolio’s cloud-based architecture any time, anywhere with an internet connection. Users can access the platform via a native app for both iOS and Android mobile devices as well as via web browsers.
  • Boost Collaboration: The solution offers many ways for users to help everyone align with organization goals and share data with others internally and externally, whether in real time or periodically.
  • Scalability: Users only pay for the level of functionality that they need and are able to upgrade, downgrade or cancel their plan at any time. Users can add additional dashboards to any plan at a flat rate, and if they need more than the amount offered in the Team+ plan, they can consult Klipfolio’s support team for a custom solution that can support hundreds to thousands of dashboards at once.
  • Free Trial: Klipfolio offers a free 14-day trial, no credit card required, that allows users to explore the capabilities of the software.

Industry Expertise

Klipfolio serves over 11,000 customers in 85 countries. Some of the industries that use this program include automobiles, technology, media, eCommerce, financial services and more.

Key Features

  • Data Connectivity: Users can retrieve data from thousands of different data sources with hundreds of built-in data connectors that include many of the most commonly sought-after data points, with connections to even more types of data possible with custom queries made through open web services. Users can also upload files the old fashioned way, establish FTP server connections and pull data from SQL databases.
  • Insight into Social Media: One data source users can draw information from directly is social media. This solution blends social media data with other proprietary business data to give users a well-rounded understanding of how their brand is performing on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Automated Data Retrieval: Users can choose any data source and automate the data retrieval for their visualizations from data sources. If the platform detects a change in users’ data, their dashboards will automatically update. Resources automatically refresh every 30 minutes by default, but can refresh at faster rates on certain subscription plans.
  • Data Merging: Users can mash up information from multiple data sources, even if they’re in different formats, creating insights that target the KPIs they want to track for a more holistic view of performance.
  • Data History With PowerMetrics: With PowerMetrics, the solution tracks and stores multi-dimensional data points for metrics, providing continuous insights into current and historical information even for data services that don’t offer history, i.e. social media feeds. Users can also explore historical trends by comparing time periods.
  • Data Visualizations: Klipfolio includes 15 different types of visualizations from which users can choose to maximize their dashboard’s visual impact. Each visualization is customizable.
  • Self-Service Interactivity: Users can dive deeper into their dashboards by filtering and segmenting their data by specific dimensions or adjusting date ranges. With automatic trend lines and applied actions like grouping, filtering, aggregating and sorting, users can gain context from their insights.
  • Pre-built and Customizable Dashboards: Creating dashboards with Klipfolio is simple. Users can choose a pre-built dashboard from a range of options or create an entirely customized one.
  • Targets and Indicators: Klipfolio helps users keep track of their progress with indicators that alert them of both trends and potential issues or successes. This includes notifications when metrics fall below or reach conditional pre-set thresholds.
  • Sharing: Users can share access to dashboards and visualizations with a single click, download them as images or PDFs for sharing across social media or messaging apps. Users can also set up scheduled reports to be distributed to a list of members of their choice on a regular basis. Dashboards can be embedded into websites or other applications, displayed on TVs, or made public for easy visibility with custom generated URLs.
  • Search Function: The NQL search function lets users perform searches for data points, visualizations or dashboards using natural query language, similar to how one would search using Google or other search engines.

Klipfolio Suite Support

Customers in all pricing plans have access to live chat during certain business hours and an extensive collection of support resources that includes community forums, a knowledge base of articles and more. Users can additionally subscribe to Priority Support for faster response times via email, or to Klipfolio’s Ninja Services Package which provides a bank of 1:1 consulting time per month and priority support ticket handling.

Subscribers to the Team plan receive 1:1 onboarding and Priority Support included, while subscribers to the Team+ plan receive those benefits and three months of Ninja Building Training Services additionally.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can reach out for support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: No phone contact is available for this solution, but users can contact a representative during business hours through the live chat feature.
schoolTraining: Klipfolio offers a wide variety of learning assets on the Learn Hub. Users can start with courses designed for data visualization beginners, access a plethora of quick tips from experts and receive digestible five minute, five day courses by email. Klipfolio’s support staff also offers live and recorded webinars on learning how to use the platform. They also supply a library of articles, blogs, tutorials and how-to videos. Users can also take a certification exam to become Certified Experts or Certified Partners.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit tickets either through a form in the Klipfolio Help Center, or by emailing success[email protected]

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