Benefits and Insights

Why use Klipfolio?

Key differentiators & advantages of Klipfolio

  • Simple Architecture: Because it is built on an easy-to-use architecture, users of all technical and data literacy levels can utilize this solution to upload, analyze and visualize raw data directly into a dashboard.
  • Flexible Construction: Using a single data source, users can create a range of data visualizations, or can create a single visualization from a range of data sources. The solution uses raw data pulled directly into the dashboard, removing complicated organization and exploration steps.
  • KPI Monitoring: This system helps automate the process of monitoring key business metrics, so users are always prepared.
  • Data Visibility: This platform offers visibility into business data via real-time dashboards and reports. Users get an up-to-date understanding of what’s going on in their businesses through this feature.
  • Cloud-Based Architecture: Unlike on-premise solutions, users can access their data any time, anywhere with an internet connection. Users can access Klipfolio via a native app for both iOS and Android mobile devices as well as through web browsers.
  • Social Media Metrics: One data source users can draw information from directly is social media. This solution blends social media data with other proprietary business data to give users a well-rounded understanding of how their brand is performing on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Industry Expertise

Klipfolio serves over 11,000 customers in 85 countries. Some of the industries that use this program include automobiles, technology, media, eCommerce, financial and more.

Key Features

  • Automated Data Retrieval: Users can retrieve data from thousands of different data services — they can choose any data source, automate the data retrieval and build visualizations that highlight trends and patterns in that data.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Numerous data integrations collide on Klipfolio’s customizable dashboard. This interface takes data from online services like Shopify, Google Analytics, MailChimp, social media and more and lets users combine them into dashboards that display information according to their unique qualifications.
  • Pre-Built or Custom-Made: Creating dashboards with this system is very easy. Users can either choose a pre-built dashboard from a range of options or create an entirely customized one. It also gives users the opportunity to create dashboards for personal use, internal business use or for clients, with varying degrees of complexity and visual presentation.
  • Search Function: The NQL search function lets users perform searches for data points, visualizations or dashboards using natural query language, similar to how one would search using Google or other search engines.
  • Issue and Trend Indicators: Klipfolio helps users by offering indicators of both trends and potential issues. This includes alerts when metrics fall below or reach certain pre-set thresholds.

Klipfolio Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Email: Users can contact support or open a ticket by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone:Phone: No phone contact is available for this solution, but users can contact a representative during business hours through the live chat feature.
schoolTraining:Training: New subscribers and guests get free online training via Klipfolio Courses to get them up and running with the system as quickly as possible. After these initial training sessions, users can access webinars, videos, certification courses, quick tips and more through the University program.
local_offerTickets:Tickets: Before contacting the support team, users should browse the knowledge base for tips, answers and advice. The community forums offer versatile assistance and answers for many user issues. If there is still no solution, users must grant access to their account for support to go in and assist. When submitting a ticket, users should include the following information:
    • A copy of the exact error code
    • A screenshot of the error message
    • A summary of what actions they were performing when the message displayed
    Tickets can be opened through live chat or email.

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