Benefits and Insights

Why use Keen IO?

Key differentiators & advantages of Keen IO

  • Generate Actionable Data: Users increase business intelligence and customer relationship management by getting real-time, drillable data. 
  • Customizable Stack: Clients get complete control over the workflow end-to-end. Highly integrated data sources and open-source visualizations make every data query a client’s own. 
  • Secure: Data is protected through transfer by HTTPS and TLS and stored with AES encryption. Using API access keys, different users can gain different levels of access to the same data.  
  • Scalable: Users can access large quantities of data, process, and visualize it through a network of APIs, SDKs and integrations. They can query large datasets and glean insight of industry-level trends and present them to clients. The platform’s web Auto-Collector enables continuous data harvesting, enabling presentation in real time. 

Industry Expertise

Keen IO has developed a user base of more than 3,500 companies. Spanning all industries, some of their clients work in the cloud computing, gaming, marketing, media and telecommunications fields. Its scalability allows it to be a solution for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Dashboard: A fully customizable workflow, including visualizations, enables hyper-specific data queries and presentation. This data can be streamed continuously and presented in real time. 
  • Drill Down: The Keen Data Explorer tool allows the isolation of specific data points to yield specific insights. 
  • Data Sources: Its list of APIs and SDKs allow data extraction from most sources connected to the internet. It can harvest data through streams, webhooks or AMP-Analytics at high speeds. 
  • Access Keys: API keys identify the user attempting to connect to Keen, allowing for case-by-case authentication and ensuring users get access to the data they’re supposed to. Role-based tiering allows different levels of access to the same overall dataset. 
  • Visualization Library: Out-of-the-box charts and tables and a GitHub library of community-developed visualizations allow the user to present their data quickly and effectively. 
  • Auto-Collector: An auto-collection tool continually tracks page views, link clicks and form submission data from a website, and includes metadata on the source. The tool comes with a pre-built data visualization dashboard. 
  • SDKs and APIs: It comes with 11 official software development kits, including for JavaScript, iOS and Android, with seven additional community SDKs that link with Keen APIs to extract data. 

Keen IO Suite Support

Keen IO offers two support plans: standard, which is included with every Keen subscription, and platinum, which is available for an additional cost. The platinum plan provides 24/7 emergency response support and a dedicated account manager to support the user. 

Alternative support options include a live chat, community Slack group, and Stack Overflow forum. Customer service hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST. 
mail_outlineEmail: Platinum plan subscribers can access support via email with an estimated response time of an hour or less. Standard users do not get email support. Specific email support information is behind a login wall.
phonePhone: The standard support plan does not offer phone support, but the platinum plan does. The phone number is not available on the vendor’s website.
schoolTraining: The vendor offers documentation and a series of guides on its website. It also offers in-person or remote development and implementation assistance.
local_offerTickets: Ticket support information is not available.
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