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Why use Izenda?

Key differentiators & advantages of Izenda

  • Seamless Embeddability: Users can natively embed this solution into another platform. It fits flawlessly with other business software like CRM or ERP without the need to use iFrames, promoting seamless workflows.
  • Ease of Use: As a fully embedded business analytics platform, this solution blends smoothly into other applications and mirrors the interface of the systems your employees are already familiar with. Backend users also benefit from a drag-and-drop, easy-to-use interface.
  • Scalability: Because it is embedded at the code level, this platform can scale easily as your business grows.
  • Anywhere Access: As long as the system it’s being embedded into is based in the cloud, this platform can be accessed via mobile app or web browser any time, anywhere.
  • Familiar Architecture: Since it is built on Ruby, Java, Python, .NET, PHP, etc., it’s easy to code, customize and troubleshoot for anyone with the right experience.

Industry Expertise

Embedded analytics platforms are very versatile, and this solution is used in a vast range of industries. Some include insurance, government, healthcare, eCommerce, telecommunications, software, research and development, technology, education, law, and more.

Key Features

  • Self-Service Reporting: Users can decide when and how to access their data. Self-service eliminates the complex steps for requesting reports from analysts and puts the power in the hands of everyday employees, improving data literacy.
  • Striking Visualizations: Organizes data into graphic depictions such as charts, graphs, scattergrams and maps to give users an intuitive way to interpret data. These visualizations make it easy to recognize patterns, identify trends and glean insights.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Offers a range of report and dashboard formats which users can configure, customize and share in real time across your organization.
  • Responsive Design: Whether users view this application on desktop or mobile, it provides a consistent experience through a responsive web-based platform.
  • Integrated Security: Inherits the security model from whatever platform it is being embedded into, ensuring compliance with privacy and security regulations and improving the cohesion between systems.
  • Embeddability: Open APIs allow users to choose the features they want, mold them to fit their workflows and embed them into other business software.

Izenda Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at [email protected], live chat with a representative on the website or submit their information through the contact form on the Contact Us page.
phonePhone: To call support, users should use the following numbers: (888-493-6321) Toll Free or 678-619-5889 for support.
schoolTraining: There are a variety of training resources in the resources section of the website. Some of these materials include training videos, white papers, case studies and documents. These are available to subscribers and may incur an additional cost.
local_offerTickets: Users can visit the support page and click Submit a Ticket. First, they will be prompted to search through the resource database to see if their problem has been solved before. If users still cannot get their question answered, they can select “other options” to be connected with customer support.

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