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Why use InsightSquared?

Key differentiators & advantages of InsightSquared

  • Holistic Visibility: The platform replaces the process of switching between complicated, often error-filled spreadsheets, CRM reports and BI systems with one centralized home for data where users can find answers to their questions, with the ability to pinpoint any step in the revenue-generating lifecycle from lead to opportunity to sale.
  • Ease of Use: The solution makes insights accessible to users of all technical levels to access, explore, visualize and discuss. Customizable dashboards make the system user-friendly, and the system creates presentation-ready visuals that make it easy to share insights with team members, clients or a board of directors, fostering a culture of data literacy throughout the company.
  • Accelerated Implementation: This platform promises that users will be up and running within 48 hours without time-consuming data imports or overreliance on IT departments.
  • Add Value to Your CRM: CRM systems are excellent tools for any sales professional, and InsightSquared uses the historical data stored in an organization’s CRM to uncover additional insights and expose trends. It can additionally improve CRM adoption and provide a clear link between metrics and sales processes.
  • Conduct Data-Driven Planning: As the solution focuses on what factors and team players drive revenue, leadership can focus their time and efforts on using that information to make more informed decisions.
  • Forecast More Accurately: The solution uses machine learning algorithms to spot missing or outlying data and provide predictions to help guide future business decisions. By improving the accuracy of forecasts over time, the platform assists users in more confident, reliable sales execution.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Leadership can create a culture of accountability and boost team morale with individual rep coaching and employee performance tracking that captures metrics such as win rates, sales numbers, quotas and more. With analytics for both sales and marketing, users from both departments can unite and align with each other to strategize more efficiently.
  • Customized Pricing: The vendor’s pricing model is based on what features an organization requires; users only pay for the packages they need, allowable for flexible scaling up or down as necessary.

Industry Expertise

This solution specializes in sales analytics and serves over 10,000 organizations in industries such as software, HR, talent management, marketing, advertising, telecommunications, healthcare, e-commerce, recruiting and many more.

Key Features

  • Data Blending: Users can pull data from any and all sources to form a 360-degree view of their business. The solution supports an extensive list of pre-built connectors to complementary applications, with the ability to build a custom connector to other applications provided there’s an API.
  • Third-Party Integrations: It integrates seamlessly with systems like Salesforce, Marketo and Quickbooks to give users direct access to sales data without needing to import or manually enter it.
  • Pre-Built Report Library: Users can access insights in a variety of ways with more than 400 off-the-shelf reports.
  • Insight Feed: Users can access customizable dashboards that provide a near real-time view of their key metrics and highlighted opportunities, alerts and more — allowing for a quick at-a-glance look into the next steps they should take at any given moment.
  • Sales Analytics: Users can identify trends segmenting and filtering pre-built pivot tables and integrating with a CRM solution for complete pipeline analysis.
  • Sales Forecasting: The system automates and streamlines forecasts, which users can slice and dice by region, line of business, product, sales period, or any other segment to understand the gap between target and goal. With more accurate predictions, users can make better sales decisions across the company. 
  • Pipeline Management: InsightSquared gives insight into the entire customer journey, enabling users to explore key activities, behaviors and results from every step of the sales process. 
  • Activity Capture: The solution automatically syncs key sales activity and engagement to a CRM, allowing sales reps to capitalize on opportunities to drive results without the burden of manual data entry.
  • Guided Selling: The platform coaches sales representatives on best practices and key steps in the company’s sales process, enabling faster onboarding, more relevant guidance and greater accountability all through machine learning.
  • Marketing Analytics: This module helps users measure the success of their marketing campaigns, granting visibility into conversion rates, marketing-generated demand and how marketing contributes to the business’ bottom line.
  • Employee Activity Dashboard and Scorecard: With comprehensive, detailed activity dashboards and scorecards for each employee helps measure productivity and efficiency as well as track progress on goals. 
  • SaaS Reporting: InsightSquared gives SaaS businesses access to simplified revenue reporting and sales intelligence, with the ability to measure monthly recurring revenue, to spot patterns in churn over time and forecast future renewal rates.


Some of the product’s limitations include:
  • Limited flexibility in customization options for reports. Users can’t change the style of the reports on their own and must go through the development team.
  • Though it boasts ease of use, some users report that it requires some training to understand how to use the platform and that its robustness makes it difficult to become an expert.
  • Slower refresh rates do not reflect real-time updates. 
  • Pricing is on the higher end for a BI solution.

InsightSquared Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can request support by emailing [email protected]
phonePhone: Users can call the customer support line from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (617) 370-8140. They can also chat with a live representative.
schoolTraining: InsightSquared has a dedicated support website that has a myriad of resources for users to browse. Users can search the support library to find answers to their questions, or access the community forum to discuss with other customers and platform experts. In addition, InsightSquared offers a video course selection through the InsightSquared Academy, as well as a range of live and on-demand webinars for free.
local_offerTickets: To submit a support ticket, users can visit the support website for InsightSquared and click on “Submit a Request.” support via the “Contact Us” form or via live chat. Users can access previous tickets and updates to current tickets by signing in to the support website and checking the “My Activities” section of their profiles.

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