Benefits and Insights

Why use Incorta?

Key differentiators & advantages of Incorta

  • No Aggregation: Aggregates large data sets in real time and eliminates the need to reshape or warehouse it. This saves organizations time, money and space that would otherwise be dedicated to these processes.
  • Same-Day Analytics: Because it bypasses the warehousing stage and eliminates star schema, users can get real-time data in record time.
  • Reduced Risk: Offers enterprise-grade security, encryption, identity management, rotating passwords and more. It also removes the source of risk by allowing users to only download visualizations and analytics, rather than the original data. It stores all sensitive information safely in the cloud.
  • Mobile Analytics: As a web-based solution, it allows users to access the platform from any device anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Answer Business Questions: Users can freely explore and drill down into data through pre-defined drill paths. A single click takes them smoothly through transaction records and KPIs.
  • Easy Data Connectors: Users can easily add new data sources with the pluggable architecture. This allows them to access nearly unlimited kinds of data at the push of a button. It includes pre-built database sources, web applications and big data sources.
  • Business Insights: Use data to identify patterns and glean insights from your proprietary data, leading to more informed business decisions.

Industry Expertise

Some industries that utilize this software include food and beverage, technology, e-commerce, security, financial services, energy and more.

Key Features

  • Direct Data Mapping: Draws data directly from a variety of sources and automatically aggregates them into a single source, prepped for analysis.
  • Pluggable Data Sources: Pluggable architecture lets users add new data sources to the system easily. These include SAP HANA, AWS Redshift, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, MySQL, Netezza, Vertica, Teradata and almost any cloud application such as Salesforce, NetSuite, etc.
  • 12-Bit AES Encryption: Maintains application-level security parameters like encryption, client-side data caching and rotating keys.
  • Sub-Second Queries: Users can perform hundreds of data joins in seconds with the rapid-response analysis tool.
  • Responsive Dashboards: Displays visualizations in the form of intuitive dashboards that users can interact with, edit and share.
  • Data Visualizations: Creates graphical visualizations of data sets in order to help users identify patterns and trends.

Incorta Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can request an email back on the “contact us” support page or email [email protected]
phonePhone: Users in North America and other English-speaking countries can call +1 (650) 250-1481 for support or P: +20 1 005182535 in Cairo for EMEA assistance.
schoolTraining: Azure, one of Incorta’s customers, offers interactive trials of the platform on their marketplace. Users can also utilize learner videos, blogs, documents, forums, an extensive user guide and a vast learning platform through Learn Incorta.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users must log in to their user portal and follow the prompts. They can also receive instruction by emailing, calling or live chatting with a representative.
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