Benefits and Insights

Why use iDashboards?

Key differentiators & advantages of iDashboards

• Build custom charts and graphs from dozens of templates 
• Place an unlimited number of objects on a dashboard 
• Add images to a dashboard and layer interactive data on top 
• Display data from multiple data sources on a single dashboard 
• Add HTML to dashboards, using built-in GUI or HTML editor 
• Add interactive Open Street Maps to dashboards

• Built-in ETL and Data Preparation Tool 
• Central repository for data from multiple sources 
• Auto Uploader for Excel files 
• Join, aggregate, filter, pivot, and much more

• Drill down to charts and other dashboards 
• Drill down to external URLs
• No limit on levels of in-depth drilldowns
• Auto filtering of data within a drilldown 
• Transfer user and context parameters during drilldown

• iDashboards’ patented technology 
• Charts interact by highlighting common data 
• Functional across different data sources 
• Quick insight into relevant data

• Unlimited number of connections 
• Built-in data connections to APIs, databases, ODATA, and more 
• Connect to applications like Google Analytics, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Excel, and more 
• Connect with live data from popular CRMs, marketing automation platforms, accounting systems, ERPs, and more 
• Support for relational databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Amazon RDS, Microsoft Azure, and more 
• Consolidate multiple data sources within a single dashboard 
• Connect to database tables, views, and stored procedures 
• Write custom SQL queries with joins, aggregations, filters, and macros 
• Connect to Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP Cubes)

• Provides the ability to perform dynamic calculations on real-time data 
• Results of calculations may be displayed as new data columns 
• Conditional logic may be applied to real-time data to create new indicators 
• Real-time statistics may be derived from the data feed and outliers may be identified 
• Percent contribution of each to the group may be computed 
• What-if analysis may be performed by applying user-specified values to derived columns 
• Users get advanced analytical results with intuitive visual displays

• No programming needed 
• Dashboard viewing via browser with HTML5 or plugin 
• Dashboard viewing and building via native iDashboards Desktop Application 
• Secured log-in and role-based permissions 
• Point-and-click chart designer framework for rapid dashboard development 
• Drag and drop to open and reposition charts, panels, and frame borders

• Role-based permissions and access 
• Single sign-on (SSO) with other applications 
• LDAP server integration 
• Third-party SSL certificate encryption 
• Visibility Pack: Pre-built user activity dashboards

• Filter-on-user allows for segmenting large volumes of users 
• Server-side authentication with dynamic user inserts 
• Server-cluster deployment for load balancing 
• No downloads required for viewing dashboard

Industry Expertise

Some industries that utilize iDashboards are retail, software, transportation, education, defense, financial institutions, nonprofits and healthcare.

Key Features

  • Drill-Down: The intuitive drill-down capability lets users explore their data freely without having to query or code. They can pivot from an overview down to granular details with the click or scroll of the mouse and interact with various layers of data to address questions or gain clarity.
  • Data Connectors: The solution connects with a wide variety of datasources, including SQL databases, Excel spreadsheets and a range of cloud applications. It draws from all simultaneously to build a cohesive picture of a business’s data.
  • Built-in ETL Tool: An inbuilt extract, transform, load (ETL) tool blends data from the broad selection of datasources into a centralized data tool. It allows users to perform complicated data transformations easily.
  • Customizable Graphics: Users can include colorful, customizable graphs and charts that include company logos, videos, images, maps and more.
  • Data Blending: Data from all sizes, formats and structures is easy to blend into a single, cohesive pool with this tool. It offers data cleaning from a host of different datasources and web applications.
  • Live Dashboards: Intuitive dashboards update in real time to keep everyone on the same page as well as up-to-date.

iDashboards Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail:Email: Email iDashboard support at [email protected]
phonePhone: Call iDashboard support at 1-888-359-0500 and select option 3.
schoolTraining: Users have access to digital product training via the iDashboard website as well as extended training materials, sessions and more through their account.
local_offerTickets: To submit a support request, users must log into their OSKAR account. They will find an extensive library of resources, including a knowledge base, community, news articles and more to help them solve their issue before contacting support.
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