Benefits and Insights

Why use IDOL?

Key differentiators & advantages of IDOL

  • Create Simple Summaries: The system creates a conceptual summary of important data points through automatic summarization. It offers both a contextual summary based on the original query and a simple summary made up of the opening sentences of the longer analysis document. 
  • Personalize Data Discovery: Users can unlock trends, patterns and relationships between data points as the system guides them through personalized data discovery tasks. It bases knowledge delivery on user profiles and usage history that the system tracks through machine learning. 
  • Glean Media Intelligence: The solution offers comprehensive insights into a range of media types such as text, video, image, audio and more by translating media into usable data. 
  • Perform Self-Service BI: The platform improves productivity by offering an intuitive and customizable interface that allows users to perform self-service BI, bypassing the need for data analysts. This puts data literacy in the hands of every employee. 
  • Embed into Other Systems: IDOL is easy to embed into other software solutions such as a CRM, ERP or HR platform. This lets the system draw data directly from the host application and mimic the host application’s interface, making it a seamless user experience. 
  • Accurate Analysis: It provides the most accurate, meaningful insights possible by combining probabilistic modeling and NLP algorithms. 
  • Reduce Transcription Imperfections: IDOL’s probabilistic model analyzes text data and performs natural speech analysis, translating it into audio data with minimal imperfections or deviations. 

Industry Expertise

While it serves all industries, IDOL is mainly utilized by computer software, information technology, financial services, computer hardware, and recruiting professionals.

Key Features

  • Multiple Data Sources: Data connectors allow users to draw data from a wide variety of sources both outside of and within an organization’s firewall, then index that data without disruption or relocation. 
  • Text Analytics: Transforms audio data into accurate text data. Combines probabilistic modeling with NLP algorithms to facilitate insights from written and spoken language. 
  • Natural Language Question Answering: Natural search query technology lets users ask simple questions to explore data. The system contextualizes relevant data to draw connections in data. 
  • Simple Summaries: Creates contextual summaries of longer analysis to make data approach easier for users. 
  • Media Analytics: Allows users to index and analyze large volumes of audio and video files, monitor CCTV cameras, analyze voice calls and broadcast live feeds from digital sources including satellite, cable, radio and the Internet. 
  • Data Security: Offers enterprise-grade security entitlements that adhere to strict security standards in order to keep all sensitive data safe. 
  • Embeddability: Embeds directly into other software applications and mimics their interface to provide a seamless interface, as well as draw and analyze data directly from the source solution. 

IDOL Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users cannot email support directly. They must submit a ticket through the support portal.
phonePhone: Users cannot call support directly. They must submit a ticket through the support portal.
schoolTraining: Users can access training materials through the education center on a variety of topics. These vary by time period, subject and delivery type.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users must log in to their support account and select their product to navigate to ticket submission.
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