Benefits and Insights

Why use Hortonworks?

Key differentiators & advantages of Hortonworks

  • Flexible Deployment: Users can enjoy flexible deployment options. On-premise or cloud deployment options are available. 
  • Gain High-Level Overviews: Because HDP pulls from a diversity of sources, users are able to get a high-level look at their business’s performance from all angles. 
  • Reach Goals: The software lets users lay out goals clearly and track their progress in hitting their KPIs. 
  • Powered by Open Source: The product uses well-known and audited open-source frameworks like Hadoop to power its data processing features. Utilizing open source means that the user gets a more secure product. 

Industry Expertise

Hortonworks serves a number of customers across a variety of industries, such as travel, transportation, IT and manufacturing. Major customers of Hortonworks include Zurich Insurance, T-Mobile, Hilton, Micron, Bank of America, Intel and more.

Key Features

  • Multi-Workload Processing: The product is able to handle multiple workloads and other taxing processes such as detailed analysis and report generation — all in parallel processes. 
  • Real-Time Processing: Users can take advantage of processing in real time, without having to wait for their data to finish compiling. 
  • Batch Processing: Batch processing is the processing of large quantities of data in large batches, significantly cutting down the time it takes to process information. 
  • Data Governance: Controlling, managing and distributing data are essential to a modern analytics solution. The software provides a suite of management features for users to take advantage of.  
  • Dataflow: Dataflow is an all-in-one data crunching feature that streams data and insights in real-time. It delivers actionable intelligence and curated data as it’s being processed. 

Hortonworks Data Platform Suite Support

Hortonworks offers three tiers of support: HDP Enterprise, HDP Enterprise Plus and Flex.
mail_outlineEmail:Email support is not available at this time.
phonePhone:Based on the severity of the incident, response time is between 1-8 hours. Users of all tiers receive phone support 24/7.
schoolTraining:All tiers of support can utilize HDP’s self-learning courses.
local_offerTickets:All tiers of support can submit support tickets, though turnaround time varies based on the severity of the issue. Turnaround time is between one hour to one day.