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Why use Halo BI?

Key differentiators & advantages of Halo BI

  • Optimized Data Warehousing: With an automated ETL process, data quality assurance tools and a well-defined centralized data warehouse, the system creates a single source of truth for the organization and ensures that users spend less time managing their data and more time analyzing it.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: Users can move from disparate data to a unified database of actionable information, maintaining a holistic view of their supply chain and gaining improved visibility into their operational performance. Functions like performance alerting and demand forecasting capabilities serve to help users better manage their supply chains.
  • Self-Service BI: The platform empowers users to find the exact answers to their questions with tools that help them dig deeper. Users can tailor dashboards to look and act the way they need them to, without needing the help of IT. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Users can create and share knowledge with others quickly and easily, helping turn data into action together through a collaborative process.
  • Anticipate Demand: Users can improve their demand planning process with machine learning-powered tools that generate value-added insights into their supply chains.
  • Risk Management: Predictive analytics assist users in circumventing risk with a proactive approach and risk scoring that evaluate the likelihood and impact of potential scenarios and outcomes. 
  • Agile Deployment: With a guaranteed three week deployment model, flexible deployment options and the professional support of technical experts, users can deploy both rapidly and effectively.
  • Meet Customer Expectations: With customer scorecards, users can deliver the appropriate level of service to match customer demands — not more or less, reducing the cost of service and increasing margins by better understanding the needs of their customers. 

Industry Expertise

Halo BI is a useful solution for any business users involved in supply chain management. Industries that could benefit from Halo BI include supply chain planning, operations, manufacturing, procurement, finance and sales and merchandising. 

Key Features

  • Data Warehousing and Connectivity: Users can extract, transform and load data from virtually any data source, from small files to big data, building a centralized, uniform data warehouse that ensures more powerful and more accurate analytics. Halo BI can connect to CRM, ERP, TMS and third-party systems, among others, as well as obtain information from the Internet of Things and external sources. 
  • Data Quality Assurance: The system’s validation processes and data cleansing tools combine and standardize support more accurate and reliable results. Users can rest assured that they will have comprehensive data sets and that data will sync back to its original systems.
  • Data Visualization and Dashboards: Users can present data in a variety of formats for easy comprehension and presentation of trends and patterns. They can generate pre built dashboards or customize their own with drag and drop ease. Interactive dashboards encourage a self-service approach to BI that helps users zero in on what’s important. 
  • Drill Down: Users can drill down or up, slice and dice and filter through information to dig down to the relevant data points.
  • Demand Planning: Users can predict future trends and risks with predictive analytics tools that allow them to anticipate outcomes of business decisions before they are made. HaloBoost, a machine learning tool, forecasts demand complexity and predicts increases in data volume, allowing for faster and more accurate demand planning.
  • Inventory Planning: Users can integrate information from ERP systems with qualitative data, as well as run what-if simulations to manage inventory more efficiently. 
  • Share, Collaborate and Take Action: Through an embedded collaboration tool, users can keep the conversation going within the platform, without needing to create screenshots or reports to send elsewhere. Conversations leave a documented trail of information. Users can assign tasks to others, track progress and initiate conversations with any user, turning the decision making process into a more collaborative one. 
  • Prebuilt Modules: Halo offers an array of modules that assist with unique aspects of supply chain management, including customer relationships, demand planning, financial budgeting, sales and supplier management. 

Halo BI Suite Support

Support for the platform is available mainly through the Halo Support Portal. Users can request access to the portal by emailing the Halo Support team or by reaching out to the internal administrator of the platform within their company.
mail_outlineEmail: Users can send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] to request access to the Halo Support Portal, through which they can communicate with the platform’s technical support team.
phonePhone: Users can call Halo BI at 1-888-300-0219.
schoolTraining: Users can access a searchable database of videos and documentation within the Halo Support Portal. Resources available on the website include installation guides, release notes, troubleshooting documents, live and recorded webinars, user guides and walkthroughs. There is no information available on the Halo BI website as to whether or not training courses are offered.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit support cases after logging in to the Halo Support Portal. Users should submit a detailed description of their issues and indicate the urgency of the issue, as well as attach any supporting images or files. Members of the technical support team will reply to cases through the portal. Users can track the status of their cases, open and resolved, throughout their life cycles.

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