Benefits and Insights

Why use Gryphon Networks?

Key differentiators & advantages of Gryphon Networks

  • Accurate Sales Performance Breakdown: The intuitive dashboard allows users to get an in-depth understanding of their sales performance. It lets them track call activity and agent performance in real time or across time.
  • Sales Productivity Visualization: Pulls and delivers sales metrics directly from calls, capturing data through keypad disposition tags. This offers unrivaled insight into sales KPIs locally or across regions.
  • Data Collection: Call recording turns the previously unusable information of audio calls through a secure cloud recording service. This can be used in training, for targeted coaching, in auditing or for performance monitoring.
  • Speech Analytics: Users can promote transparency and quality assurance through the speech analytics function, which records and analyzes call recordings. This also helps troubleshoot issues, improve training, reduce liability and enforce regulatory compliance.
  • Do-Not-Call Compliance: Contacts are automatically matched against federal and state DNC databases to ensure all calls are compliant with DNC regulations.
  • Improve Customer Retention: Improves conversion rates and customer retention by keeping detailed customer profiles to help reps only contact the customers about relevant products at convenient times.

Industry Expertise

Specializes in sales-focused industries such as retail, wholesale, e-commerce, financial services, etc.

Key Features

  • Sales Performance Dashboard: Dashboards present sales metrics from regions, offices or individual agents in an easy-to-interpret visualization.
  • Salesforce Integration: Offers a native telephony integration with Salesforce. Click-to-dial and data pulling lets users view customer profiles during sales calls.
  • Keypad Disposition Tags: Allows reps to capture customer interactions and call outcomes at the touch of a button rather than manually.
  • Cloud Recording: Secure cloud recording captures call audio data and helps turn it into usable, actionable information.
  • Speech Analytics: Generates targeted conversational insights into call recordings made from any device.
  • DNC Matching: All contacts are automatically screened through state and federal do-not-call databases to ensure compliance.

Gryphon Networks Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can email support at [email protected], or they request an email back by submitting their information through the contact form.
phonePhone: Users can call support at 866-366-6822, or they can request a callback by submitting their information through the contact form.
schoolTraining: To access the library of reference materials, users must enter their client ID. They can also peruse a complimentary collection of blog articles on a wide range of topics to help improve their knowledge of the system.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket, users must log into their account. They can also live chat with the chatbot on the website and it will direct them to the knowledge base or connect them with a representative to resolve their issue.
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