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Key differentiators & advantages of Grow Dashboard

  • Fully-Customizable Analytics: Grow provides data blending, data mashing, and comparison of data from different sources on one fully-customized dashboard. 
  •  Data Manipulation made simple: User don’t have to be a data expert to get detailed, specific insights in this particular product. Grow's platform makes it easy to slice and dice users data without getting technical where user just has to point and click. It also offers robust capabilities within the platform such as data cleanup, pivoting, grouping, filtering, and applying formulas and functions to users data so user can track what’s most meaningful to their business. 
  • Unlimited Real-Time Updates: With Grow, user can set a timer for how often they want to refresh and update their data, from once daily to every 5 minutes. This unique feature keeps users data alive and fresh, so users are always up-to-date. 
  • Interactive Dashboard, Types of Dashboards and Focused dashboards for a variety of needs: The product consolidates a lot of information into multiple dashboards. Executive Dashboards which summarize the financial activities of Users Company, Marketing Dashboards that scatter data across several CRM and analytic apps, spreadsheets, and social networks, and gives user a unified view of their deal funnels, Financial Dashboards that track and align financial performance to your goals, and help capture growth opportunities and negative trends in real time. There are other dashboards such as Operational Dashboards, Sales Management Dashboards and Sales Leaderboards, Support Dashboards, HR Dashboards and Investor Dashboards. 
  • Hundreds of Pre-built Reports: The product offers hundreds of pre-built reports for its users. Use can customize the reports they get on their dashboard via one of the many reporting templates provided by the app. 
  • A wide variety of data integration & 165+ direct/ native & Instant Integrations: Grow solves the problem of uniting data from scattered sources which is a challenge most businesses face every day. With more than 150 integrations, that product makes it easy to quickly connect to all the tools users use, so that the user can get faster, easier, and clearer insight into the data they need. It’s one of the rare applications which is capable of pulling data from a wide variety of sources, which makes it a key player in the current competitive BI market. Some of the standard BI tools just pull data from data warehouses, which is the backbone of all BI apps.

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