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Why use Foresite SPA?

Key differentiators & advantages of Foresite SPA

  • Drive sales growth - Foresite SPA provides clear visibility of your external sales drivers by analysing the causes, competitors and commercial processes impacting sales trajectory. 
  • Manage market risk - Customers buy with perfect knowledge about you and your market. Foresite SPA’s commercial intelligence levels the playing field with continuous feedback from your customers, markets, competitors and sales performance. 
  • Improve competitiveness - Foresite’s commercial intelligence provides continuous market feedback comparing your sales performance with that of your competitors. It relates 100% to your business, markets and competitors. 

  • Overcome barriers to sales - We reveal the real barriers to lead conversion and customer acquisition in your business. Our essential sales channel and process analytics help you to close sales gaps and achieve your sales goals. 

  • Identify customer retention issues - Foresite’s sales performance analytics alert you to the real customer retention issues causing sales churn; such as service levels, customer satisfaction, competitor activity, product lifecycles and obsolescence. 

  • Easy to adopt & low cost - Foresite’s insightful dashboards, KPIs, graphics and reports are easy to understand and benefit commercial teams and operational management.
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