Benefits and Insights

Why use Netsmart?

Key differentiators & advantages of Netsmart

  • Improve Patient Outcomes: With more accurate diagnosis and up-to-date patient records comes better patient outcomes. Meaning you can not only better treat patients but keep them returning time after time for new treatments or follow-ups. 
  • Grow Your Practice: A suite of administration features like billing, scheduling and practice administrative tools provide efficient ways to code medical diagnoses for billing and room physicians with the right patients and tools. You can keep patients coming through your practice doors by scheduling follow ups and providing superior quality of care. 
  • Code Diagnoses Easily: Administrators can easily (and often automatically) code diagnosis for billing cycles, and check for coverage under several healthcare institutions, such as Medicare and Medicaid. 
  • Better Record Keeping: Netsmart’s suite of EHR and EMR products turn patient records and healthcare data into portable, actionable documents. Physicians can assess patients quicker, and keep more up-to-date records. 
  • Full Services Suite: Modular or bundled together, you’ll have access to a suite of professional services like IT management, consulting, training, hosting and revenue management. 
  • Process Claims Quickly: The software’s billing and processing features enable you read codes, process Medicare and Medicaid bills and more. 

Industry Expertise

The company boasts a user-base of around 600,000 in more than 30,000 organizations. Netsmart has received numerous awards for its products. For five years running, they’ve been recognized as the number one post-acute healthcare product by Black Book Research.

Key Features

  • Behavioral Health Tools: As populations become more aware of their mental and behavioral health needs, Netsmart’s fully-featured set of behavioral health products can supplement a variety of fractured systems. They come with standard features like notes, charting and coding, as well as advanced features like psychiatric care and case coordination. 
  • Psychiatric Notes: The product comes with preformatted psychiatric and behavioral health notes to better treat their clients. 
  • Case Coordination: Netsmart is built to assist behavioral health specialists — especially caseworkers. It’s got tools for tracking clients, managing budgets and storing important clinical documentation. 
  • Claims Processing: You can easily process Medicare and Medicaid bills and more. 
  • Outcome Tracking: With Netsmart, you can track key outcomes as they relate to patient health, scheduling and billing. This gives you a high-level overview of your practice. 
  • Easily Shareable Data: You can easily transfer customer data from medical charts to behavioral health software and beyond. 

Netsmart Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: You can sign up for client emails, but otherwise, email support doesn’t exist.
phonePhone: The company offers instant, 24/7 phone support to its users. They can be reached on any day of the week.
schoolTraining: The company offers a training service, and its programs are available from the moment you implement your software until long after you’re using the service. Training also includes both standard and custom content to support your users. If you have additional questions, there’s a user forum for other Netsmart users to ask questions and collaborate.
local_offerTickets: You can visit the support portal to submit tickets, though turnaround times are unknown.
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