Benefits and Insights

Why use Dundas BI?

Key differentiators & advantages of Dundas BI

  • Analyze Data and Predict Trends: Dundas BI collects data from a range of database sources and generates intuitive visualizations in the form of graphs, charts and dashboards. Users can use these visuals to analyze data, identify patterns and predict trends in their business.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions: By utilizing data history and identifying trends, users can make more informed decisions about their business and implement best practices.
  • Create Reports: Users can create a wide range of report types easily with the Dundas BI interface. They can rely on built-in formulas or craft a custom report to fit their exact needs through the simple, structured process provided by the BI dashboard tool. You can drag and drop items into the header, footer and body region of the report to create intuitive reports.
  • Recover Data: The recycle bin feature allows users to restore recently deleted folders, files or images. These items can be permanently deleted manually, or are automatically cleared from the system after 30 days.
  • Easily Format Emails: Users can design, schedule and distribute professional emails from templates directly through Dundas’s platform. This improves employee productivity and focus in addition to maintaining better security of company data transferred through email.

Industry Expertise

Dundas BI serves a wide variety of industries, especially the embeddable version that complements other kinds of business software. Dundas reports that it provides industry expertise in banking and finance, clean tech, construction, education, government, healthcare, high tech, hospitality, insurance, manufacturing, mining, non-profit, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, retail, telecom, transport and logistics, as well as utilities.

Key Features

  • Dashboard View of Visualizations: Users can create pixel-perfect dashboards that incorporate a range of visualization types include bar graphs, scattergrams, pie charts, line graphs, radar charts, scorecards, trellis charts, maps and more.
  • Visualization Recommendations: Dundas BI offers an engine that analyzes the data users input and automatically selects the best visualization type for that data. It recommends the next-best visualizations so users can be confident they’re getting the best interpretation of the data for their needs.
  • Advanced Visualization Interactivity: Dundas BI offers interactivities with the visualizations it generates. Users can perform simple drag-and-drop or point-and-click actions to refine data, interact with multi-dimensional hierarchical data or set up contextual metrics in order to support period-over-period analysis.
  • API Support: Dundas BI supports documented APIs for JavaScript, .NET, REST, etc. that offer a wide variety of functionality. These capabilities include authentication, data connectivity, visualization, exports, custom calculations, file system management and administration. These APIs can be customized to fit user needs in a range of ways.
  • Report Types: Users can use Dundas BI to generate a wide range of reports including automated, custom, etc. and perform actions like priority ranking, correlations, clustering, forecasting and other BI capabilities.
  • Integrations: Dundas BI operates on an open-source platform and integrates seamlessly at many different levels with various other software systems. This feature includes simple end-user configurations, CSS styling, and full scripting as well as everything in between. Users have over 25 native data connectors and integration APIs to choose from, and can connect to a range of data sources like OLAP, Big Data, RDBMS, flat files, web services, etc.
  • HTML5 Foundation: With a client based on JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, Dundas BI works with any browser. The embedded BI framework includes animated interactive visualizations and a variety of HTML5 components. It is mobile-friendly and doesn’t require special apps or downloads, simply view the platform from the browser on your device.


Some of the limitations for Dundas BI include:
  • Requires a large server RAM for in memory processing
  • Not flexible with 3D charts
  • Lacks data synchronization and email monitoring
  • Does not support text analytics
  • Requires a large server RAM for in-memory processing
  • 3D charts require additional scripting and are not supported out-of-the-box
  • Text analytics requires custom R or Python scripting and is not supported out-of-the-box

Dundas BI Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can contact Dundas BI support by emailing [email protected] Before emailing, users should use the search feature on the Dundas support page to see if their question has been answered by the vast knowledge base available to subscribers.
phonePhone: Users can call support at 1.416.4667.9100. Support by phone is only available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Before calling support, users should visit the Dundas e-learning and support page to peruse their library of helpful resources.
schoolTraining: Dundas offers a library of training and e-learning resources for subscribers. These include webinars, interface samples, an interactive tour, articles, videos and costumer forums where users can talk to each other and get support from other users. These are all accessible only to Dundas BI subscribers.
local_offerTickets: To submit a ticket for a support request, users visit the ticket portal on Dundas Support. Before submitting a ticket, visit the support page to check the articles and videos compiled there. Odds are, your question or problem has been encountered and answered before! If you still can’t find a solution, you can contact support via email, phone or ticket.

Cost of Ownership for Dundas BI

License/Subscription Cost
  • Dependent on the deployment method and number of users
  • Offers flexible license-pricing model and concurrent user licenses
Maintenance Cost
  • On-Premise: An additional cost over and above the upfront cost has to be paid for ongoing support and maintenance
  • Cloud-Based/SaaS: Included in the subscription cost
Installation/Implementation Cost
  • On-Premise: Typically charged over and above the license cost
  • Cloud-Based/SaaS: Included in the subscription cost
Customization Cost Will vary depending on the functional requirements such as configurable dashboards, dashboard and operational reporting needs, type of data elements required for tracking, complexity of workflows, forms to collect additional data, UI changes, etc.
Recurring/Renewal Costs Dependent on model opted – annual lease or own in perpetuity.

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A note from Dundas Data Visualization

Dundas BI is a business intelligence software solution with data analytics and dashboard capabilities. It works to empower all individuals – from the business user to the developer – to visualize and analyze any data to make real-time, data-driven decisions that produce results. Our versatile BI platform and our unmatched support are just a couple of the reasons why Dundas BI is the #1 Business Intelligence platform, as rated by real users.

With our software, users don’t need to depend on multiple tools as Dundas BI has a variety of built-in functionalities, agile data flows adapted to the user's skills and fully open APIs. Dundas BI is popular for its comprehensive features such as dashboards, data visualization, reporting, mobile, analytics and integration.

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